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t.check logo: your organisational talent 'health check' tool

Developed by our highly experienced team of organisational psychologists, this 25 question survey can be completed in approximately 5 minutes and provides a high-level assessment of talent within your organization, helping to prioritize key areas of focus.

The resulting report provides an assessment across five areas critical for workforce performance. The five critical areas are aligned against our talent framework t.Frame, which defines the behavioural potential and capabilities required for successful performance.

Agility framework by Morgan Philips - infographic tFrame logo


Seeking to understand; analysing & evaluating information and situations; asking questions to find solutions; and making informed decisions.


Taking the initiative; planning and prioritising to meet goals; driving for results; and complying with required standards and expectations.


Being resilient and adapting; challenging and questioning to do better; sharing ideas and innovating to improve ways of working.


Setting a positive example; enthusing and motivating; helping and supporting; guiding and developing others.


Collaborating and cooperating; building constructive relationships; communicating and influencing; listening and showing sensitivity.

Why complete the t.check logo?

Your current talent related processes need to change. You are looking to prioritize areas for investment. You want to understand where your talent related risks lie.

Whatever your reason, t.Check offers a fresh perspective. It provides HR leaders and decision makers with an unbiased assessment of their organisational talent, which is aligned with t.Frame - our modern and flexible talent framework designed for the new world of work.

Morgan Philips Talent Consulting is an industry-leading team of experts dedicated to help you assess, develop and leverage the best talent. Our unique solutions, backed by science and data, enable you to understand your talent and to develop effective strategies that help you succeed in the new world of work.

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