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Interim management 
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Interim management agency

Morgan Philips Interim Management in Switzerland combines the latest digital sourcing techniques with high-touch consultancy to help you recruit specialized top-notch managers and leaders better, faster and more cost-effectively.

  • Top managers for strategic projects, urgent assignments and leadership roles
  • Quick turnaround: your first candidate presented in 24-48 hours
  • Use of assessment tools that make it easier to identify the best talent

Do you have an urgent assignment to fill?

What is interim management?

Interim management involves highly strategic assignments entrusted to executive leaders for a set period of time.
Interim management draws on a pool of highly experienced candidates with managerial experience in key positions at large international groups.

Offering more commitment than a simple external service provider and not as binding as a permanent contract, it caters perfectly to companies seeking responsiveness and flexibility, but also the goals of managers eager to share their experience and take on new challenges.

How can we help?

Business transformation


Reshaping your organisation? Embracing digital transformation? Redesigning your business model?

Find an experienced interim manager to help you design and implement the changes you want to make.

Crisis management


Need help in a crisis or major change in your organisation?
Experiencing the pains of growth?

Find experienced specialists to help ensure you navigate safely through a difficult or trying period.

Strategic project implementation

Strategic project implementation

Opening a new site? New product development or launch?

Access specialist leadership and management skills to help you meet your deadlines and achieve your goals.

Time share executives

Time share

Need access to experts on a part time basis?

Many of our interim managers also provide consultancy services. You can access these on a part time basis, reducing your overall cost without compromising on quality of advice.

Urgent recruitment


Identified a long-standing gap in your recruitment, but have very little time to fill it?

Our consultants have access to the relevant tools ensuring them to quickly find the right candidate immediately available.

The interim management market is growing. We undertake more than 300 assignment per year.

Tools and a methodology for your success

At Morgan Philips Interim Management, we have implemented a set of tools and optimised processes to ensure the success of every Interim Management assignment.

For companies:

A global database

A global database

The database contains the profiles, aspirations, evaluations and availability of our interim managers. With our now international network of offices, we not only have access to candidates based within Luxembourg, but also international profiles who may be interested in working in Luxembourg.

Club 5000

Club 5000

Our community of experts who share their own network with us, affording us access to a vast range of candidates who may not necessarily be actively seeking work, and who therefore would not be identified with the use of traditional recruitment methods.

Find out more >>

Our research centres

Our research centres

The centres are made up of highly responsive “sourcers”, trained in the most advanced search techniques and with access to hundreds of databases.

A disruptive digital strategy

A disruptive digital strategy

The strategy rests on our consultants and interim managers’ accomplished use of video, and intensive communication over social media regarding Interim Management assignments.

Interim managers have access to:

  • Expert advisers for their assignments.
  • Qualified companies, a clear assignment framework.
  • Contracts tailored to their assignment.

98% Success rate in finding the right interim manager.

Specialist practice areas

Our team has an extensive track record in finding experienced interim managers in the following areas:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Human Resources, Legal & Tax
  • Public Sector & Not for profit
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Banking, Insurance, Health Mutual
  • Supply Chain & Procurement

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What is the profile of an Interim Manager?

In Switzerland and elsewhere, the labour market is undergoing profound change, illustrated by the existence of interim managers. These genuine leaders embody expertise and flexibility.

Find out more about all aspects of this profile which is being taken up more and more commonly by executive leaders.

The most highly sought-after roles by executive leaders are strategic management roles in HR, industrial production, logistics, procurement and finance.
Nowadays, interim managers are employed in all sectors, with a marked tendency emerging in industry.

The salary is more attractive; in 9 months, they earn on average what they would have otherwise earned in 12 months in a permanent contract.This advantage is explained by the demands and level of involvement required by an Interim Management assignment.

The qualities of an interim manager









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