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Modern-day Leadership: Looking Beyond the Extroverts

Modern-day Leadership: Looking Beyond the Extroverts

Modern-day Leadership: Looking Beyond the Extroverts. 

It is sometimes assumed that the best business leaders are the show-boaters, the extroverts, the over-confident, and the grandstanders. Often in the workplace, it is the loudest who gets noticed and impresses the shareholders. However, quieter team members are overlooked – often to the business’s detriment. 


When recruiting future leaders for your team, looking beyond the extroverts could be beneficial. 


What are effective leadership skills? 

There are many qualities of a good leader, which don’t rely wholly on being the most vocal in the room.  




In changing and challenging situations, a strong leader remains mentally agile, responding quickly, calmly, and efficiently. A recent survey shows that 35.48% of participants felt the ability to embrace change was important in the management team.



Employees should be encouraged to offer their opinion, with many people in the workplace preferring their management team to act as mentors and coaches.


With modern business management embracing virtual working, open-plan offices, or an open-door policy this allows leaders to get to know their staff better and build strong teams.



A study carried out by TalentSmart showed that 90% of top performers were able to stay calm in challenging times. Level-headed leaders will approach a situation logically rather than make emotionally charged, rash, knee-jerk decisions.   


Critical Thinking 

A leader with an analytical mind looks at both sides of the coin. Making a critical analysis of the outcome of certain decisions or the viability of certain paths is valuable.  



A successful modern manager leads from the front, sets an example of behavior, culture, and work ethics. An effective leader has a strong grasp of the strengths of the team and the work each team member is doing.  


A strong leader must be aware of the culture and lead it within the workplace. Identifying any toxic behaviour or conflict and determining a way to improve it is important.  


Choosing the leaders of tomorrow  

When recruiting the leaders of tomorrow, it can be limited to base your decision solely on previous experiences. The candidate may not have the size, scale, or level of leadership experience behind them since they haven't had the opportunity. But this does not mean they do not have all the leadership skills required to make a great business leader.  


Identifying the outlined characteristics in a candidate can be a difficult process. Especially if you are relying on performance in an interview, references on past behaviour, and a resume. Setting assessment activities and simulations is a great way of determining whether the candidates possess the characteristics required. Furthermore, the psychometric assessment can also be particularly useful.  


Based on their response to scenarios and questions in such testing, only characteristics inherent within a candidate will be highlighted. Thus, their previous experience won't be focused on. Essentially, a measure of potential to marry with their track record to date. 


Morgan Philips Executive Search uses its own, bespoke psychometric test (Agili-t). It is part of the shortlisting process to define the Brake and Pace factors within a candidate. Our testing is based on our interpretation of a modern leader. 


We focus very much on identifying the ability to work with insight, flexibility, and confidence in response to challenging and changing circumstances. We identify where a candidate has leadership potential or is ready to move into a leadership role. It indicates the pace at which a candidate can achieve their optimal performance as well as the characteristics which can slow progress.  


Do you want to hire people based on future potential as well as past performance?

Get in touch with the Morgan Philips Executive Search team! Find out how we can help with getting the leaders of tomorrow in front of you today.  


Dan Benson - Managing Director - Executive Search

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