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Assess your talent agility and organisational agility

The new world of work calls for different skill sets. Individuals need to respond proactively and effectively to external market factors. Agility is a broader attribute that significantly shape your talent strategy and ultimate success in a rapidly evolving world. The Morgan Philips Agility model allows you to assess and measure the agility of your people to inform development initiatives such as team workshops and coaching programmes.

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  • Agility assessment for critical hires
  • Developing agility in leaders (at all levels)
  • Performance coaching - unlocking potential, at pace
  • Personalised, efficient and productive onboarding
  • Boosting team effectiveness and developing high-performing teams
  • Identifying high potentials
  • Supporting succession planning

Agility, in the context of talent

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t.Frame, Morgan Philips modern talent framework, highlights key behaviours required to achieve success.

The Morgan Philips Agility Model, is an independently verified model, which identifies the speed at which potential can be unlocked.

The Morgan Philips Agility model, which identifies the speed at which potential can be unlocked, sits at the heart of our powerful talent framework, t.Frame.

We define agility as 'the ability to work with insight, flexibility and confidence in response to challenging and changing circumstances'.

The Morgan Philips Agility model takes three dimensions into consideration: People agility, Performance agility and Growth agility.

Let's talk talent agility

Morgan Philips' three dimensions of Agility

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People Agility

Do you know yourself well enough to self-regulate by leveraging your own strengths and accommodating for weaknesses? It's about being insightful of your own capabilities and the emotional states of others.

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Performance Agility

Do you thrive in tough situations with composure, confidence and positivity? I'ts about dealing with pressure, being resilient, flexing and adapting plans to meet objectives.

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Growth Agility

Are you open to learning from experience and improving? It's about framing challenges as learning opportunities and not fearing mistakes. It's thinking with eagerness, openness and curiosity to personal and organisational change.

Agility: Unlocking the potential of individuals and teams

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