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HR advice to Public Sector 
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HR advice to Public Sector

Whether in the commercial sector or in the public service, you are on a hunt for talent and your talents need to be retained and developed to maximize their potential

  • Attracting top talent through professional merit-based selection
  • Building the pipeline of qualified and motivated candidates for competitive selection to civil service and SOE
  • Shaping organisational culture of the civil service through research and expert advice
  • Designing modern and transparent HR processes and tools

How can we help?


Through executive search capacity we identify and attract top notch talent to your competitive selection procedures. Design the process and develop selection tools that will assure professional and transparent selection. Train your selection boards


Design and carry out scientifically based organisational surveys on employee engagement, satisfaction and organisational culture


Deliver insights and provide expert support and professional advice in building action plans for improvement


Develop modern assessment tools to enhance objectivity of your recruitment. Help integrate new tools into your selection process with extensive training of selection boards and HR professionals


Share best practices from the private sector and provide expert advice on how to adjust and implement them to specific needs of public sector and civil service institutions

Our track record in Ukraine

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Selected projects - Case studies

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A group of international donors, including International Finance Corporation and EU Delegation to Ukraine, have brought Morgan Philips Hudson to support the process of merit-based selection of independent supervisory board members and the management board to newly created Energy Efficiency Fund of Ukraine. Our mission was to design selection procedure, develop professional assessment tools, train and support selection board in the process of merit-based selection. As a result - reputable Supervisory Board and professional Board of Directors of the Fund were introduced.

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The overall objective of the EU-funded project “Support to Implementation of the Concept of Reform Staff Positions” was to contribute to reforming the civil service of Ukraine through professional HR support in the reorganisation of central government bodies. The project implemented by Hudson was supporting the Government in ensuring high standards, transparent and merit-based selection to newly created general directorates of ministries and state agencies as well as providing professional support in the development of new concept to attract and select civil servants of Ukraine. Our consultants have developed a selection procedure and methodology for merit-based selection to Reform Staff Positions (RSPs) in line with modern HR practices, both private sector and civil service, introducing new selection criteria, sophisticated selection tools as well as detailed methodological guidelines to the civil service. This procedure has set a high standard of merit-based selection and a direction for further development of the civil service recruitment framework.

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The Kyiv branch of the Fiscal service of Ukraine was undergoing organisational transformation. The Head of the Kyiv branch being not just an executive but also a genuine leader of the 2000+ people organisation, has engaged Morgan Philips Hudson to support an organisation through the change process in an effective manner, while keeping people engaged and inspired. Our team carried out an in-depth study of employee engagement and satisfaction and assisted with objective third party assessment of the leadership style and competencies of key department heads. Our consultants have brought insights on organisational climate, attitude of people to ongoing changes and facilitated work groups to draw action plans of improvement.

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