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Tech & Digital Salary Guide 2022

Morgan Philips has produced a comprehensive overview of the key salary and job trends for all the main tech and digital roles within England and Scotland.

Within England, organisations are either having to continue to evolve their digital operating model or, more challengingly, quickly shift to and adopt one! Across the whole technological job family we have seen demand increase, but where it is most notably shifted since last year is in the growth of Digital Marketing leaders and their team.

What are some of the major tech & digital role trends?

Not only is there great need for the typically resource-short role profiles like UX and UI developers, Data Scientists and Cyber experts but also for those rare facilitators of change who can cross the business-technical divide and ensure organisational and digital strategy is harmonised.

Within Scotland the biggest increase in terms of the demand for skills continues to be data focused roles, Data Scientist saw a +24%, Data Engineer with +24%, and Head of Data Management at +36%. The Data Engineer and Data Science disciplines have grown consistently.

Overall, there continues to be a lack of gender diversity within software development. This will no doubt continue to be a big focus for many companies to drive a better representation in the coming years.

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