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How Morgan Philips Talent Consulting can help

Morgan Philips Talent Consulting works in connection with human resources to help better understand and reveal the individual, collective and organizational potential of your company. Optimize the performance of your business with talent management advice. Assessment tools, coaching and a dedicated team to reveal your potential.

  • Identify talent
  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Develop people and identify potential
  • Evidence-based succession planning
  • Measure and develop agility in your people and organisation
  • Create 24/7 'on-demand' data dashboards
  • Deliver advantage through a data-driven people strategy


Effective tools for evaluating the performance, potential and agility of recruiting candidates to help you identify the talent most suited to your needs for a position.

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Develop the talents of your organization by identifying future leaders to help them develop. Thanks to personalized training and coaching, you will achieve better individual efficiency and collective performance.

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Expert advice to ensure the success of your business through the implementation of a talent management strategy based on the analysis of your data and the use of custom tools and services.

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Using your data, we build predictive analytics around performance and succession to identify optimum team models that drive your people strategy.

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Executive briefing: How do agile people and teams translate in to organisational success?

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Our innovative new talent framework

t.Frame, is a powerful, intuitive and pragmatic framework that allows you to easily understand the behavioural potential and capabilities of your people.

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Based on today’s new world of work and the need to thrive in dynamic landscapes, we’ve created a unique agility model which sits at the very heart of our talent framework, representing the pace at which assessed potential may be unlocked.

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Looking to assess your organizational talent and workforce performance?

Complete this 'health check' survey to assess and build for the future.

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Introducing Morgan Philips' Agility Model

Business used to be more predictable - we could plan ahead of time with realtive confidence. But the new world of work has changed this.

This new world of work calls for a different kind of organisational player; someone who senses what is happening around them, responds proactively and independently in a way that aligns with business purpose and objectives.

Our unique Agility model is able to identify these behaviours in people and provide insight into how quickly they can realise their potential in your organisation.

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Our range of evidence-based products

We help you to make the right people decisions using scientific methodologies and evidence-based solutions. Our suite of t. products is designed to meet your specific talent needs:

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Our Assessment solutions

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Online assessments to identify potential for selection and development

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Comprehensive virtual and face-to-face assessments to provide greater insight about talent and potential

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Online assessment of agility for selection and development

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Invest in your talent with coaching and opportunities

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Assess organisational talent to identify, develop and prepare for future needs

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360 feedback for personal growth 
and development

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Visualise and easily explore your talent data using digital dashboards

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Bespoke predictive models to enhance performance

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Define your organisation’s purpose with our data-driven approach

The Morgan Philips difference.

"Morgan Philips Talent Consulting’s support was invaluable. We now feel unified as a team with a common purpose."

Pekka Kahkipuro, CIO at Brunel University London

Talent management

people insights

Designed to help you map your current talent, highlight gaps and potential growth areas and identify your future talent needs - setting your organisation up for success for today and tomorrow.

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Scientifically founded solutions

Scientifically founded solutions

Understand the capability and potential of your people using in-depth analysis presented in a user-friendly format.

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Predictive analytics

A new behavioural framework

t.Frame allows you to easily define, measure and understand the behavioural potential and capability of your people.

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Industry leading experts who know how to help

Industry leading experts who know how to help

Our organisational psychologists and business experts do the heavy lifting to give you simple, accessible and actionable solutions.

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Innovative methodologies for the new world of work

Innovative methodologies for the new world of work

We combine comprehensive, consultative support with straight-forward scientific solutions, using our experience and data to answer even the most difficult questions.

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