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Talent management strategy and talent consulting

You can rely on our expert consultants to help you unlock the full potential of your talent to fuel growth and enable change. We've been doing it for over 35 years. Our talent management knowledge and experience spans three core talent management areas: assessment, development and consulting.

  • Psychometric assessment for selection and development
  • Talent agility assessment and development
  • Face-to-face and virtual assessment centres
  • Leadership development & learning and development centres
  • Talent strategy, talent management and succession planning
  • Modern talent and competency frameworks
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Bespoke talent analytics and data dashboards



Improving your critical people decisions. Using a layered assessment approach to help you identify modern leadership behaviours at all levels. Our online, virtual and face-to-face assessment solutions can also be customised to meet your specific talent assessment needs.

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Enhancing productivity and developing leaders. Aligned with our modern talent framework and driven by assessment data, our leadership development and coaching solutions can help you identify specific learning and development needs to discover high potentials and future leaders.

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Prepare the foundations for your future success. While the majority of organisations invest in their people, maximising the value created by your talent investment is the crucial part. Using powerful talent data, our tools are designed to help align your people and talent strategy with your business strategy.

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People drive the pace at which organisations can grow. Organisations need agile individuals, experts and leaders. Using the Morgan Philips Agility model, we assess and measure agility to inform development initiatives - such as team workshops and coaching programmes - enabling your organisation to work at pace.

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The science of talent

Modern and innovative talent solutions that provide your organisation with a holistic view of its people and talent. This ensures that your assessment, development and talent management activities are targeted to achieve results quickly and effectively.

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t.Frame, Morgan Philips modern talent framework, highlights key behaviours required to achieve success.

The foundation of our talent management solutions is a simple, yet powerful, framework: t.Frame. It highlights the key behaviours required to achieve success. At its heart lies our Agility model, developed by our experts, which helps unlock potential at pace. This approach ensures that your talent activities are aligned to your business strategy to deliver a strong return on investment.

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Do you want to unlock the full potential of your people?

Our short diagnostic survey identifies potential risk areas within your talent strategy - helping you identify the best areas for improvement and investment.

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Our modern and holistic approach to talent helps leaders and organisations navigate the increasingly complex environments they operate in - overcoming a variety of challenges.

Do you need to identify and develop your future pipeline of leaders?

Do you need expert knowledge to help define what success looks like for talent in your organisation?

Are you looking to improve talent agility within your organisation?

Whether you want to develop high-performance teams, focus on succession planning to unlock growth or create strategies that identify and develop key talent to achieve success, we can help you.

"Working with Morgan Philips has been superb. The team truly partner with us to understand our needs which means that we have a tailored approach which is agile, and most importantly, reportable."

Kirsten Lightfoot,
Head of People Development at Newcastle Building Society.

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Talent Consulting - latest news and views

Talent management

Use psychometric assessment data to unlock potential at all levels.

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How can we help?

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Talent agility

Improving the pace at which your organisation can grow.

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