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Life Sciences recruitment

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Our expert solutions

The Life Sciences sector is evolving: we are entering in a new era for the Medicine. To attract and recruit the best talent within this industry, you need to adopt a creative appproach.

You can take leverage of our expertise and extensive market knowledge as well as our innovative methods and tools that will help you find the best talent in the market.

Our Life Sciences & Healthcare consultants recruits talent for:

Pharmaceutical laboratories icon

Pharmaceutical laboratories

Pharmaceutical subcontractors icon

Pharmaceutical subcontractors

Medical devices, medical instrumentation, medical equipment suppliers icon

Medical devices, medical instrumentation, medical equipment suppliers

Biotechnology companies icon

Biotechnology companies

E-health startups icon

E-health startups

Companies specialising in food supplements icon

Companies specialising in food supplements

Welfare societies icon

Welfare societies

Manufacturers and distributors of natural and organic products icon

Manufacturers and distributors of natural and organic products

Pharmaceutical distributors icon

Pharmaceutical distributors

Healthcare institutions (hospitals, clinics etc.) icon

Healthcare institutions (hospitals, clinics etc.)

Homecare providers icon

Homecare providers

Dermocosmetics, aesthetics and nutrition companies icon

Dermocosmetics, aesthetics and nutrition companies

Health/medical communication agencies icon

Health/medical communication agencies

Chemical/parachemical industry icon

Chemical/parachemical industry

Veterinary industry and animal health icon

Veterinary industry and animal health

Health insurance companies icon

Health insurance companies

Occupational health services icon

Occupational health services

We are experts in the following Life Sciences roles:

  • Medical/Scientific: Medical Director, Scientific Director, Head of Medical Operations,Medical Advisor, Medical Science Liaison (MSL), Head of Medical Affairs, Head of Medical Information, ...
  • Clinical Studies: Head of Clinical Operations, Head of Pre-Clinical/Clinical Studies, Head of Clinical Trials, Clinical Project Manager, ...
  • Quality & Regulatory Affairs: Director/Regulatory Affairs Manager, QC Manager, Control Laboratory Manager, Technician, Quality Director, Quality Assurance Manager, Operational Excellence Manager, Quality System Manager, Quality Engineer, Quality Manager, ...
  • Engineering & Industry: Engineering Manager, Process Manager, Maintenance and New Works Manager, Industrial IT Manager, Operations Manager, Production Manager, ...
  • Purchasing & Supply Chain: Demand Planning Manager, S&OP Manager, Logistics Manager, Purchasing Manager, Procurement Manager, Category Manager, Buyer, ...
  • Marketing: Marketing Director, Group Manager, Therapeutic Unit Manager, Product Manager, Product Manager, Director/Responsible Market Access, Business Analyst, ...
  • Commercial: Commercial Director, Sales Director, Regional Director, Delegate, Business Development Director, Patent & Property Manager, Technology Analyst, Data Manager, ...

We are experts in the following Hospitals roles:

  • Management: Managing Director, Director of Operations, Director of Clinic, Director of EHPAD, Human Resources Director, Development Director, Sales Director, Marketing Director, Financial Director, etc.

Recent examples of our client assignments:

  • MSL - 60K € - Health Industry - Madrid
  • Sales Representative - 60K € - Health Industry - across whole Spain
  • Market Access Manager - 85K € - Health Industry - Madrid
  • Health Economics Manager - 90K € - Health Industry - Madrid
  • Product Manager/Brand Manager – 70K € - Health Industry - Madrid, Barcelona
  • Medical Advisor – 80K € - Health Industry - Madrid, Barcelona
  • Sales Manager – 100K € - Health Industry - Barcelona
  • Regional Access Manager – 85K € - Health Industry - Northern, Southern and Central Spain
  • Marketing Manager – 110K € - Health Industry - Madrid, Barcelona
  • Franchise Head – 140K € - Health Industry - Madrid

Contact our Life Sciences experts

Carlos Álvarez portrait

Carlos Álvarez

Executive Director Life Sciences

Tel: +91 787 93 00

6 reasons to partner with us for all your Healthcare & Life Sciences recruitment needs


We speak the same languaje as our clients and candidates. As we know that in this market there are acute skill shortages, we tap into all available talent pools.


We have a global database with tens of thousands of candidates specializing in Healthcare & Life Sciences.


We have 4 talent research centres (Mauritius, Zhuhai, Philippines and Mexico) with access to more than 250 global candidate databases


Specialist consultants from the trades for which they recruit and who use the best techniques for approaching candidates directly.


Our teams of consultants are specialist Healthcare & Life Sciences, so they know how to find the best candidates for the role.


We publish regularly fresh new content (articles, webinars, salary surveys), that help us creating a community that attracts and retains the best candidates in the marketplace. Our unique Club 5000 community of experts recommend the very best talent in their extensive networks. An international network that allows us to understand the major market trends and to share those insights with our clients and candidates

What are the latest trends in Life Sciences jobs?

What are the latest trends in Life Sciences jobs?

Salary guide for Health Industry - 2021

This study is based in the thousands of candidate interviews that our Life Sciences consultants have conducted during the last year.

Download the guide >

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