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Harnessing data to drive your talent strategy

Talent mapping: Bespoke predictive analytics models

Using your data and applying your specific organisational context, we will work with you to build predictive analytics around performance and succession to identify optimum team models and drive your wider talent strategy.

  • Map talent across your organisation
  • Build project teams to leverage diverse skills
  • Predict individual and team potential
  • Drive diversity and inclusion
  • Predict project team make up to enhance successful delivery

Our proven evidence-based solutions

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Define your organisation's optimal perfromance with our data-driven approach

Build predictive talent analytics for your organisation

Work with Morgan Philips Talent Consulting to build bespoke, predictive talent analytics to address questions such as:

  • What type of people will we need in the future?
  • What attributes will our future leaders need and how do our high potentials stack up?
  • How can I build an effective, agile team?
  • How can we improve diversity and inclusion?
  • How can I predict the performance of new recruits?
  • How can we improve retention rates?
  • How can we drive and sustain productivity?

Mapping your talent has never been easier

Many organisations are finding that being able to operate in an agile, adaptable environment requires new types of leaders and team members. Increasingly, employers are seeking to empower a diverse, agile and younger leadership team to drive change and engage precious talent.

Map existing talent

  • Map existing talent against weighted competencies
  • Flex those competencies to take account of future needs or market pressures and see how your current talent matches up
  • Faciliate mobility by comparing functions and teams
  • Drill down to function, team and individual
  • Track yearly trends in competency performance

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