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Technology and digital recruitment specialists

Helping you find the brightest TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL talent

Sourcing the best people in today’s rapidly evolving tech jobs industry requires a creative approach – you’ll need to find a recruitment partner that embraces innovative methods to meet your talent management goals.

Our consultants have a wide span of technical knowledge, and therefore balance real-world expertise with the latest world-class recruitment tools and methodologies.

Working across the sector, our experts have experience placing a variety of jobs in tech.

Specialising in Technology & Digital jobs across the following industries:

Information Security Health infographics SAP, Oracle Retail & E-commerce Development & Technology Solutions and technical architecture IT Testing

Our solution in Canada

morgan philips executive search combines high-touch consultancy with worldwide search capability and digital sourcing technologies to help you recruit the very best senior executives.

How to source top talent in the Technology & Digital sector

Rather than rely on traditional recruitment methods, our team will create a bespoke sourcing strategy to meet your talent objectives.

Through market mapping, targeting and identification methods, digital advertising solutions, and drawing on our vast international network, our experts will identify the most relevant talent for your tech jobs.

All shortlisted candidates will be screened to confirm their suitability to the role – this will include a thorough interview process that includes competency based questions.

Selecting the right technology experts for your business

To ensure you end up with the right hire, all shortlisted candidates will be assessed for the role’s competencies using a range of techniques, including psychometric testing and capability profiling.

With a vast area of expertise

Recruiting for permanent jobs, our specialists are highly skilled at finding talent for the strategic recruitment of senior level experts and executives such as Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs).

What’s Trending in the Technology & Digital industry?

Find out about the latest insights and developments.

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Why partner with Morgan Philips’ team of Tech experts?

As well as meeting your expectations, our team will manage all communication with shortlisted candidates, determining their level of buy in to the role, their career aspirations and salary expectations, as well as negotiating offer letters.
Our dedicated team’s experience of the tech sector combined with their knowledge of the latest recruitment tools and assessment methodologies means your business can be secure in the knowledge that you will be making informed hiring decisions.
You can rely on the industry knowledge and sector expertise of our experts to access those hard to source skills for you – quickly and cost effectively. Finding you the right calibre of talent efficiently is always topmost in our minds.
Drawing on our global database of candidates and extensive pool of tech talent, you’ll have immediate access to the best people to fill your specific tech jobs.

Get in touch with our experts

Frédéric Vignaud portrait

Frédéric Vignaud

Managing Partner

With an accomplished career in executive search, Frédéric Vignaud has been a recognised expert in talent management for over 15 years. Thanks to his passion for accompanying his clients in the search for the best executives and experts for their organisations, he has been able to extend his services internationally. A graduate in communications from the University of Montreal, Frédéric began his career as an account manager for large agri-food corporations before moving into the world of recruitment. In 2005, he joined an international company specializing in executive and expert recruitment as an Account Director, where he acquired solid experience. An entrepreneur at heart, Frédéric founded his own boutique headhunting firm in 2008. Over the years, his company has grown rapidly and built a solid reputation. In 2018, Frédéric joined Morgan Philips Group to meet the growing need for professional and specialised resources from outside the country. He then took over the management of Morgan Philips Canada to globalize its services and expand its worldwide network, while maintaining its commitment to excellence and local client satisfaction.

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