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Frédéric Vignaud portrait

Frédéric Vignaud

Managing Director

A Communications graduate from the Université de Montréal in 1999, Frederic Vignaud started his career with large corporations in the agri-food sector where he held account manager positions. In 2005, wishing to change his field of activity to further his professional knowledge, he joined an international recruiting company as Account Manager in a specialized executive and professional division. In 2008, seeing the market demand and great potential to match his management and business development past as well as his experience in talent acquisition, Frederic launched his own headhunting recruiting firm. In 2018, due to the growing needs of his international clientele and the demand for professional and specialized resources from outside the country, he decided to merge his practice with Morgan Philips Executive Search, and became its Senior Manager in Canada to globalize the company's services.

François Matte portrait

François Matte

Manager and business partner Quebec City office

François Matte has over 20 years of experience in business and management. His career as a manager has allowed him to develop a great passion for human resources management, people development and executive search. Recognized for his empathy, his analytical capacity and his perspicacity, François Matte distinguishes himself notably by the quality of his contacts. These strengths allow him to establish a climate of trust with his clients that is conducive to exchanges and to successfully carry out the executive search mandates entrusted to him.

Émilie Lessard-Beaulieu portrait

Émilie Lessard-Beaulieu

Recruitment Director

In 2013, Émilie graduated from Laval University in Quebec City with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations. She soon started working for the city of Quebec where she gave support to managers from various departments by helping them with their recruiting projects. Emilie was attracted and motivated by the private sector and decided to pursue her work by helping contractors and private business. Throughout her career, Émilie has developed strengths in talent acquisition, formation, performance management, process analysis and retention. She loves a challenge and working with people to meet everyone’s goals. In 2017, she joined the Frédéric Vignaud headhunter’s firm and in 2018 the Morgan Philips international group.

Véronique Loiseau portrait

Véronique Loiseau

Strategic Director

With more than 25 years of experience in different positions related to management and business development, Ms Loiseau spent 11 years as executive director at the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Canada. This passionate and experienced businesswoman is seasoned in all aspects of business, contributing to the economic development between France and Canada. In organizing events within the Chamber, Véronique Loiseau has gathered throughout her career a network of contacts. These contacts are at the highest level within the economic and political fields, established at the national and international capacities. Ms Loiseau has be Knighted to the National Order of Merit for the French Republic and she is also the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee too.

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