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Our recruitment experts in Canada

Frédéric Vignaud portrait

Frédéric Vignaud

Managing Partner

With an accomplished career in executive search, Frédéric Vignaud has been a recognised expert in talent management for over 15 years. Thanks to his passion for accompanying his clients in the search for the best executives and experts for their organisations, he has been able to extend his services internationally. A graduate in communications from the University of Montreal, Frédéric began his career as an account manager for large agri-food corporations before moving into the world of recruitment. In 2005, he joined an international company specializing in executive and expert recruitment as an Account Director, where he acquired solid experience. An entrepreneur at heart, Frédéric founded his own boutique headhunting firm in 2008. Over the years, his company has grown rapidly and built a solid reputation. In 2018, Frédéric joined Morgan Philips Group to meet the growing need for professional and specialised resources from outside the country. He then took over the management of Morgan Philips Canada to globalize its services and expand its worldwide network, while maintaining its commitment to excellence and local client satisfaction.

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Claude Martel portrait

Claude Martel

Executive Director and Partner

Claude Martel has been a recruiter in Canadian and international markets since 1997. As a researcher and an associate with important national and international search firms , he has helped recruit executives for more than 400 companies and has evaluated over 7,000 candidates for Canadian SMEs, multinationals, crown corporations, international and governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, colleges, and universities. His input has led to the hiring of executives in North America, Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East. Drawing on his experience, he founded his own firm in 2012, the latter of which was renamed Ascension in 2019 and subsequently merged with Morgan Philips Canada in 2023. Claude began his professional career in the Canadian Forces, as an officer-cadet and naval officer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in military and strategic studies and military psychology from the Royal Military College Saint-Jean and is a laureate of the Jean-Pictet Competition in international humanitarian law. He is an active volunteer in the community.

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Julie-Catherine Racine portrait

Julie-Catherine Racine

Executive Director and Partner

Julie-Catherine is an energetic and authentic bilingual senior leader with a proven track-record of almost 25 years in communications, public relations, reputation and change management, both on the enterprise and the agency side. In addition to her in-depth knowledge of business restructuring and organizational dynamics, she is passionate about talent development and recruitment to build strong, high-empowered teams. Always relying on her sense of analysis and reliable judgment, she is known for making diligent decisions. Results-oriented, she is recognized for her ability to think strategically in varied and complex environments. Over the years, she has exercised her leadership skills to advise several management groups and mobilize diverse, cross-functional teams to achieve ambitious goals. Julie-Catherine holds a bachelor's degree in law from Université de Sherbrooke and a bachelor's degree in communications (public relations) from Université du Québec à Montréal. For several years, she has been committed to promoting women's leadership and ensuring equity, diversity and inclusion. To this end, she has completed a certificate degree in Diversity and Inclusion in Human Resources at Cornell University (NY) and is in the process of completing a second certificate degree in Strategic Human Resources Management.

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Véronique Loiseau portrait

Véronique Loiseau

Executive Director and Partner

With more than 25 years of experience in different positions related to management and business development, Ms Loiseau spent 11 years as executive director at the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Canada. This passionate and experienced businesswoman is seasoned in all aspects of business, contributing to the economic development between France and Canada. In organizing events within the Chamber, Véronique Loiseau has gathered throughout her career a network of contacts. These contacts are at the highest level within the economic and political fields, established at the national and international capacities. Ms Loiseau has be Knighted to the National Order of Merit for the French Republic and she is also the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee too.

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Jessica Ampleman portrait

Jessica Ampleman

Executive director and Partner

Jessica Ampleman's mission is to contribute to leaders’ effectiveness and work teams’ cohesion. She brings to the task her unique background and passion for work psychology and management. For more than 14 years, Jessica was a health care professional. Her experience in leading teams in a complex and sometimes difficult environment has given her the ability to identify their dysfunctions and to develop measures to restore their dynamism and to instill a sense of well-being at work, for each team member and their leader. Today, Jessica coaches leaders and teams to increase their performance. Her secret? To equip individuals with interpersonal skills in the workplace. Jessica holds a Master's degree in Public Administration (MAP). She is also a member of the Order of Chartered Administrators (Adm.A).

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Frédérique Desgagnés portrait

Frédérique Desgagnés

Executive director and Partner

Drawing on her professional commitment, Frédérique steers her career towards talent recruitment and strategic consulting in the business world upon completing her university degree. Holding a bachelor's degree in Applied Psychology from Bishop’s University, she then continues her academic journey with a certificate in law from the University of Montreal. With several years of experience in recruitment, Frédérique guides her clients in the hiring of executives and managers across various fields such as engineering, finance, and the legal sector. Driven by a passion for human connection, she takes pleasure in assisting her collaborators in the development of effective corporate strategies related to hiring, retention, and staff integration. Recognized for her insatiable curiosity, empathy, and positivity, Frédérique stands out for her ability to listen attentively, her authenticity, and her deep understanding of the needs of the professionals she collaborates with.


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Mariana Ramirez portrait

Mariana Ramirez


Mariana Ramirez has been serving as an Executive Recruitment Consultant at Morgan Philips Group in Canada since January 2024. Trilingual, she contributes to the success of recruitment assignments through her intellectual curiosity, keen analytical sense, and exceptional networking skills within the market. Before joining the Morgan Philips team, Mariana gained considerable expertise in identifying outstanding leaders and developing innovative recruitment strategies. She previously worked at Codesource RH as a recruitment consultant, following her role as a specialized recruiter in the real estate and construction ecosystem. Passionate about career development and social impact, Mariana is committed to the success of Morgan Philips' clients by fostering strong human relationships and serving as an exemplary ambassador for the client organizations she represents. Her focus on excellence in recruiting elite talent and managing human relationships sets her apart as an exceptional professional in her field.

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François Matte portrait

François Matte


François Matte has accumulated nearly thirty years of experience in the field of business and management. His journey as a manager has allowed him to develop a deep passion for human resource management, personal development, and executive search. Recognized for his empathy, analytical skills, and insight, François Matte stands out particularly for the quality of his contacts and his network. These strengths enable him to establish a trusting atmosphere with his clients, conducive to open communication, and successfully carry out executive search mandates, career transition, and HR support entrusted to him.

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Eliane Trudel portrait

Eliane Trudel


Eliane Trudel is passionate about human resources. With twenty years of experience in human resources management, she has been working as a headhunter for over twelve years. Eliane's solid experience enables her to leverage her skills in strategic development to promote the growth of individuals and organizations. She is highly involved in the business community. A woman of action, she sits on three boards of directors and is focused on operations and customer service.

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Katie Lévesque portrait

Katie Lévesque


Having pursued studies in social work and human resources management, Katie Lévesque began her career in the field of human resources, primarily within personnel placement agencies. As a founding member and HR director of a recruitment company specializing in the healthcare sector, she has accumulated over 35 years of experience in HR leadership, management, and executive and professional recruitment. Her extensive experience in HR and executive search, combined with her relational skills, active listening, and dynamic and warm approach, enable her to understand challenges well and establish effective relationships with her clients.

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Pierre Leduc portrait

Pierre Leduc

Director Talent consulting and Partner

Over the course of his career, Pierre Leduc has founded or managed several companies in Canada and the United States. He held a number of executive positions including vice-president, marketing and strategic planning at Videotron Telecom, vice president of general manager at Rogers-Québec, president and CEO of Agora Telecom and WBL Technology. He also served Vice-president and general manager of Solotech US Corp., based in Las Vegas, whose operations he has expanded throughout the southwestern United States. After his career in business, Pierre developed a passion for consulting. For the past 20 years he has been supporting his clients through consulting and executive recruitment.  In coaching, Pierre favors a systemic, structured approach aimed at achieving specific objectives. His practice is based on his experience in business, large and small business and is based on management, leadership, communications and psychology theory. He is a member of the Mentorat Network and is a professional business coach, certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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Océane Carvalho portrait

Océane Carvalho

Marketing Manager

Océane Carvalho joined the Morgan Philips Group as an intern to complete her Masters in Applied Foreign Languages specialising in International Business. With a strong interest in communications, Océane began her career at a renowned business school in France, where she joined its international department to promote the school's programs and implement its communication strategy abroad. This international experience led her to move to another country to join the Morgan Philips Group teams in Luxembourg. With a deep understanding of the challenges and realities of today's recruitment market, her international experience coupled with her digital communications skills gave her the ability to respond permanently to the Group's needs in Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

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Marie-Claude Duhamel portrait

Marie-Claude Duhamel

Executive Coordinator

Marie-Claude heads administrative coordination at Morgan Philips. She has worked with Claude Martel since 2014, overseeing every operational aspect of the firm’s mandates. Prior to this, she spent five years as a candidate search specialist and database manager, in the process gaining a thorough understanding of the keys to successful recruitment. Marie-Claude is particularly sensitive to the specific challenges that clients and candidates face. She invariably offers efficient, diligent service and attentive follow-up. For the first half of her career, she worked as a human resource technician, marketing information systems coordinator and administrative coordinator for various business services organizations. She has a degree in Vocational and Educational Guidance from Université du Québec à Montréal.

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