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Opportunity knocks in 2021

Opportunity knocks in 2021

Let’s start the new year with a bang! We examine some of the tactics that you could be applying to improve your job search and help you get that step closer to your next role.

It’s so easy to get downcast and anxious, especially during these extraordinary times. But we’re all extraordinary individuals in our own way, so we have to do our best to keep positive and believe in ourselves. We round up the key areas to focus on to keep you on track.

First things first. You need to ensure that your CV is up to date, and you shouldn't need us to remind you, it must be tailored for each role. It’s so easy to do a ‘copy and paste’ job and tweak a few words. Don’t fall into that trap. Give each role the quality time it deserves, so read the job description carefully and do some research – then adapt your CV. It will show. And don’t forget to make your CV ATS-friendly.

You’ve landed yourself an interview (it will happen). Given the new remote working reality, it’s highly likely that this will take place via a Zoom call, so again you need to be ready and prepared. Follow our top remote interview tips here. The key point is to treat it as you would a face to face interview, and don’t forget to smile and come across as enthusiastic. Just be yourself and embrace the experience.

Be proactive and persevere

Also, think about all the transferable skills that you have and which might enable you to use in another sector, adopt a proactive and inquisitive mindset. You must be able to adapt to change as management journalist and author Stefan Stern points out. Then there’s upskilling, the need to keep learning new skills, especially in the digital domain, which is something everyone should focus on.

Claire Nelson, CEO of Netball Scotland, says that we can create our own opportunities, and we must inject some personality into our applications to stand out from the crowd. The need to focus on personal branding, keep an open mind and not being afraid to pick up the phone is highlighted by Luke O’Mahoney, People & Operations Manager at the Fuel Store. For Gary McClelland, Head of IT & Business Solutions (Energy) at Morrison Utility Services, attitude, perseverance, enthusiasm are key attributes when looking for a new role.

It’s not easy and 2021 looks like providing us with yet more challenges. Keep doing the right things, look after your mental health and keep safe. As we’ve mentioned already, opportunities will come knocking. Be sure to follow us on social media, and keep an eye out for more interviews, podcasts and much more throughout 2021.

And if you'd like to discuss your career options, please contact our experts.

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