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FIVE sure-fire ways to boost your job prospects

FIVE sure-fire ways to boost your job prospects

Are you looking for a fresh start? A new challenge, a new opportunity? Something different perhaps? Or are you feeling unvalued and looking for a company that will appreciate you?

Morgan Philips CEO & Founder Charles-Henri Dumon talks about some of the key areas that jobseekers should focus on when looking for a new job during the pandemic.  

Whatever your reasons and motivators, looking for and finding the right role is never easy. But with time and effort, you can vastly increase your chances. The good news is that there are jobs out there. Organisations are still searching for a wide variety of skill sets, across many different sectors, so now is as good a time as any to land that plum job.

Once you’ve made up your mind and are serious about moving, you need to start thinking strategically about how you can improve your odds of getting an interview. Competition is always intense so you need to be disciplined and methodical.

Here are FIVE things you can do to improve your chances of getting a job during the pandemic:

  1. Work on your CV

You must set aside time to fine-tune the document that ultimately you’ll be judged on – your CV. Very few actually put in the effort to really customise and tailor it for the role they’re applying for.  Your CV or résumé is simply the start and by the way you should always keep it updated. As you get more experience under your belt and pick up new skills, make sure you update it. This will make it ATS friendly. Have you considered creating a video CV? It’s a great way to stand out, especially for digital or sales roles.

  1. Network strategically

Connect with important and respected people in your industry and build relationships with hiring managers at companies you’d like to work for. Reach out to old colleagues and recruiters that specialise in your industry sector. And don’t be afraid to ask someone for advice – there are mentors only too willing to help you. A significant percentage of vacancies aren’t advertised, so you must tap into the hidden jobs market. Why? Because there will be less applicants for these jobs, so less competition. The way to do that is to strategically network on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Building your networks is essential.

  1. Master remote interviews

Working from home means that interviews will most likely be carried out on Zoom or Teams. As tired as you may be of our new mode of workplace communication, you still have to turn up prepared. That means looking the part (appropriate dress code, professional background) and above all conveying your enthusiasm for the role and showing your personality to the interviewer. Remote interviews in some ways are less stressful as you don’t have to worry about travel time and you’re in the comfort of your own home. So make the most of it!

  1. Learn to upskill

If you’re looking at a change of direction, you might already have relevant transferable skills that will give you an edge in a particular career. You’ll be surprised at the options open to you. Take advantage of being at home and learn new skills – there are many online providers that specialise in e-learning, such as LinkedIn Learning. This sends out a message that you’re an agile learner, which is an important skill to demonstrate and will impress the interviewer.

  1. Stay positive

Your confidence may have taken a dent, especially if you have been made redundant or are struggling to get those interviews. That’s understandable. But persevere and believe in yourself and above all look after your mental and physical wellbeing. Remind yourself of your past successes and the unique attributes you have. As I’ve already said, there are opportunities and as long as you’re disciplined and determined, the results will come. 

Best of luck for 2021. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or our many industry experts who can advise and guide you throughout your career.

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