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Worried about your remote interview? 5 tips to steady the nerves…

Worried about your remote interview? 5 tips to steady the nerves…

So if they weren’t daunting enough, how do you now best navigate the new phenomenon that is the remote interview?

Well, pretty much the same advice for face to face interviews applies. Here are our top tips:

1. Prepare as you would for a normal interview

The first thing to remember is that it still is a formal interview. That means that you have to prepare carefully and conduct all the necessary research about the organisation. Look at the company’s website and read any media or PR articles. Think about any questions you might want to ask – this shows that you’re interested and conveys a professional attitude.

2. Rehearse competency-based answers

Often the clues are in the job description. If the role requires ‘strong teamwork skills’ then think about times where you have demonstrated those qualities. The same goes for problem solving and other soft skills such as communication and influencing – have concrete examples at the ready. You could write these down so that you can refer to them beforehand.

3. Maintain energy and enthusiasm levels

As you’re not meeting face to face, it will be inevitably be harder to impress. Be aware of your facial expression and body language. Just because it’s a virtual setting, smile and be positive. Don’t forget to ask about next steps and follow up afterwards. Make sure you look your best too, so dress appropriately and ensure the room is quiet and there are no distractions. Think about your backdrop too. 

4. It’s a two-way process!

A remote or in person interview also gives you with the opportunity to assess the company’s culture, their values and the type of person they’re looking for. You’ll be able to gauge if the environment is right for you. What are their CSR and charity initiatives? What is their remote onboarding policy and what other support are they offering to remote workers?

5. Test your tech

Of course, you need to make sure that your internet connection is working and that your webcam and audio are also fully functional. Conferencing tools like Zoom enable you to check settings. Being tech and digital savvy is in itself an important skill that employers are looking for, so you don’t want any last minute mishaps to spoil the day.

It all does come down to preparation, which involves effort on your part. Finally, simply be yourself and enjoy the process. Making it to the interview stage is an achievement in itself. This should fill you with confidence.

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