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Why investing in Outplacement matters

Why investing in Outplacement matters

Offering employees who have been made redundant outplacement support is key to helping them get back into the jobs market. For many, this may be a new and daunting experience. 

If you’re in the difficult position of going through a restructure and having to make headcount cuts, you may want to consider the services of an outplacement provider. Providing support to those affected through tough times is a huge fillip, especially as some might be experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety brought on by the financial implications of losing their jobs. Morale will be low and this could affect existing workers, leading to lower engagement and productivity across the enterprise.

Most providers will be able to offer a modular service with add-ons so you can pick and choose the elements you require. It’s important that you tailor your outplacement programme to the needs of individuals and or teams. Do your homework and make sure that whoever you decide to partner with can offer you that flexibility combined with cost efficiency. Especially when finances might be stretched.

Outplacement services and talent consulting

So what services do outplacement providers typically provide? Firstly, the more reputable ones will have experienced specialists who are not only careers experts but also industry specialists (such as specialist recruitment firms). The most important aspect of the intervention is to help the individual with their job search strategy. Do they have an up to date CV and cover letter that is ATS-friendly? Are they tailored to meet the requirements from the job description?

These experts will then also cover other key areas, for example looking at the key job boards to target in the industry as well as relevant publications and websites where relevant jobs will be advertised. Personal branding can be a point of weakness for many, so advice on how to maximise the use of social media will be important. LinkedIn is a fertile job hunting ground – there isn’t just the profile to think about, but also growing your network and publishing content to raise your profile as an industry expert. 

Some outplacement providers will also be able to support your organisation by offering talent management solutions, such as assessment and development. These programmes will help you identify your high potentials for succession management or in the redeployment of talent within your organisation. You might want to access a platform (such as LinkedIn Learning) that has multimedia interactive content to help employees upskill or reskill.

Choose the right outplacement provider and you’ll adding significant value to your exiting employees, helping them make the difficult transition to the next phase of their career. It’s a confidence booster for those who have lost their jobs, shows that you care about people and are also invested in their career development.

Outplacement solutions for your business

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