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Reasons leaders still need mentors

Reasons leaders still need mentors

Climbing the ladder in your career and reaching leadership level does not mean that the hard-work is over and that your qualities have rounded out to create the perfect circle. The successful professionals in the new world of work are ones who constantly analyse their own behaviour, gradually improving upon their performance. 

Naturally, being in a leadership role can sometimes be isolating; subordinates need to be kept at an appropriate personal distance and peers are few in numbers. It is never too late, however for leaders to seek someone who relates to their experience, but why should they? Here are the reasons.

Receive objective insight and advice

An ideal mentor will be somewhat detached from the individual’s role at work, whether they work in a different department or business altogether. For this reason, they will not be on the ground to witness the day to day activities of your role, meaning they can provide objective opinions based on what they are told and what they have learnt in their career.

Receive objective feedback

Depending on how senior your position is, the opportunities for performance reviews may be limited. A mentor will be able to champion your efforts and positive initiatives, as well as provide cautionary critique on false moves. This candid advice is valuable in work environments where you will rarely be called out for mistakes if they happen. For those keen on being challenged, this is a particularly rewarding way to leave their comfort zone.

Learn new skills and ways of working

As previously mentioned, managers and team leaders should never stop learning. A mentor with an illustrious career behind them will offer a perspective that may be different to yours. Whilst many things in the world of work have changed over the years, gaining the insight from a seasoned professional can pave the way to a valuable revelation.

Expand your network

A mentor can be a great way to raise your profile and land new contacts. Depending how far they are in their career and where they work, they can open doors to professionals in different business and industries. Because a mentor knows your struggles, achievements and professional needs, they will be able to introduce the more relevant individuals to bring forth the best opportunities.

Alleviate stress

Mentorship is built on forming a great relationship around a mutual passion. Having a confidant in which the conversation is either confidential or at zero risk of coming back to the workplace is a solution to release any anxieties and concerns about the leadership role. With their expertise and insight, a mentor is not just someone there to listen, but also to help solve any concerns and problems.

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