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Case Study - H2V - Hydrogen Market

Case Study - H2V - Hydrogen Market

We’re joined by Matthew Norman (Head of UK at H2V), to discuss his experience with Executive Search Consultant, Akshay Pal, and Morgan Philips Executive Search.

H2V has taken up the challenge of producing renewable hydrogen on a mass scale. Investing, developing, and constructing large-scale renewable hydrogen production plants to decarbonise carbon-intensive sectors, such as heavy-duty transport.

Describe your experience with Akshay and Morgan Philips Executive Search. 

It's been very positive. The process was made simple, clear and efficient. Akshay seemed confident, reliable and trustworthy. He moved the process forward expertly, overall it was a very positive experience.

Did you feel Akshay was knowledgeable about the client’s needs?

Yes. It was obvious he knew about the company and its strategy. He had direct contact with a few decision-makers too. I felt Akshay had a good grasp on the kind of company they were and the kind of person they were looking for.

What made Akshay and Morgan Philips Executive Search stand out in this process? 

Morgan Philips certainly has a more tailored methodology, they pick quality over quantity. Their approach was much more bespoke and specialist, which is the way I prefer to work. This method of working was also needed on the clients end too, as they required some guidance on the candidate market to define what they were looking for.  

Do you feel this role and industry was a good fit?

Definitely. Most candidates coming from an oil and gas background are keen to get into the net zero space. It’s where all the projects are going to be and where the industry's moving. This industry is where your skill set can most effectively be transferred. When Akshay approached me, I wasn't actively looking for a new role, but I had to consider this opportunity. Hydrogen and green hydrogen in particular, was a sector that was very appealing to me because there's going to be an awful lot of investment here in the next few years.

What’s the best advice Akshay has given you?

There were aspects of the job description that didn’t match my skillset. We decided to proceed and be honest with the client about my capabilities. This is my skillset, and this is the area I don’t have experience in but this is how I would propose to handle certain situations. That was the approach suggested by Akshay and I think that was the approach that the client needed.

Has Akshay maintained a relationship with you since joining H2V? 

Yes, we have had a fair few chats since I started working. It’s nice to still maintain that kind of relationship and get a gauge of how things are going. 

Could Morgan Philips Executive Search have done anything to improve your experience?

No, it went pretty smoothly.

What advice would you give an organisation looking to work with Akshay and Morgan Philips Executive Search?

In this market and sector (hydrogen), I would advise clients to think carefully about what the ideal candidate looks like. Consider how realistic it is to find that person based on the current candidate market. Speak to Akshay, he can give lots of insight into this.

What advice would you give candidates looking to work with Akshay and Morgan Philips Executive Search?

Don’t pretend to be something you're not. Be realistic and honest about your skills, your abilities, and your experience, and if it's a fit, it's a fit. Akshay will advise accordingly.

If you are looking to hire within the hydrogen market please do not hesitate to get in touch with Akshay Pal.


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