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Building a Culture of Innovation - Strategies for HR 2023

Building a Culture of Innovation - Strategies for HR 2023

Morgan Philips, a leading global provider of human resources and talent solutions, recently held an English-language webinar aimed at helping HR cultivate an innovative culture within organizations. The webinar was jointly hosted by David NG, Managing Director of Morgan Philips Asia, and Mike Paxton, Head of Talent Consulting, and attracted participants from various industries.

The webinar initially highlighted significant changes in the Asian economy and talent market since 1990. David NG and Mike Paxton shared the remarkable achievements of well-known tech companies such as Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, etc., in sectors like telecommunications, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and electric vehicles, demonstrating the potential and importance of innovation.

The Benefits of Innovation

The webinar emphasized the numerous benefits of fostering an innovative culture within organizations. Innovation not only provides a competitive advantage, drives business growth, enhances adaptability and employee engagement, but also promotes collaboration and improves customer experience.

During the webinar, participants raised key questions, including how to measure the success of innovation and how to drive change. David NG pointed out that conducting company-wide employee engagement surveys is an effective method of measuring success. He also emphasized the importance of personalized surveys, which can be segmented by teams or levels despite the challenges in large organizations. Additionally, he shared insights from successful companies that showcase their innovative culture through their brand and make employees feel the culture.

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Obstacles often faced when pursuing innovation

The webinar also discussed common obstacles organizations face when pursuing innovation, including resistance to change, lack of resources, risk aversion, siloed organizational structures, lack of clear innovation strategies, short-term focus, bureaucracy, and a lack of customer-centricity. Participants engaged in in-depth discussions regarding these obstacles, sharing their experiences and perspectives. David NG advised leaders to lead by example, demonstrate commitment to change, and drive employee engagement in innovation through collaboration with new partners, conveying vision, and providing necessary training and special incentives.

To overcome these obstacles, the webinar presented various strategies, including cultivating leadership commitment and cultural change, developing clear innovation strategies, allocating resources and support, fostering a learning and experimental mindset, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing, streamlining processes and decision-making, adopting a customer-centric approach, and engaging in external partnerships and collaborations.

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The role of HR in organizational innovation

HR plays a critical role in cultivating an innovative culture within organizations. Their responsibilities include attracting innovative talent, developing employee skills, aligning performance management with innovation goals, promoting a supportive culture, empowering employees, managing change, and facilitating collaboration. The webinar delved into various tools and techniques such as creative management platforms, design thinking, innovation workshops, hackathons, cross-functional teams, innovation metrics, learning and development plans, recognition and rewards, and open innovation, which can assist organizations in fostering and supporting innovation.

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Furthermore, the webinar emphasized the importance of presenting compelling arguments within the organization. HR professionals were encouraged to understand the company's goals and challenges, gather evidence of how innovation has helped other companies, connect innovation with business outcomes, address concerns, devise action plans, involve key stakeholders, and tell a captivating story.

The webinar concluded that building an innovative culture requires long-term commitment and can yield exceptional outcomes for organizations. By cultivating an innovative culture, organizations can harness diverse perspectives and ideas from their employees, leading to breakthrough solutions and process improvements. As HR leaders, nurturing an innovative culture is an investment in the future, ensuring continuous growth and relevance in a constantly changing world.

For organizations aspiring to establish an innovative culture, Morgan Philips offers various services, including assessments, tailored strategies, change management guidance, training and development programs, and facilitation of creative and collaborative workshops. Morgan Philips is dedicated to collaborating with organizations to help them cultivate an innovative culture, achieve success, and sustain growth.


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