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3 top tips for your talent strategy

3 top tips for your talent strategy

With another year end fast approaching, our talent consulting team highlight their top 3 tips for those creating, reviewing or having responsibility for their organisation’s talent strategy.

1) Invest time upfront

As with most things, planning is key. A relatively small investment of time at the start of your journey will increase your chances of success. Work collaboratively with executive business leaders to understand how your talent strategy will fit with the wider business strategy. Understanding this wider context allows you to identify your talent requirements across the short, medium and long term, ensuring resources are invested in the right place, at the right time, to achieve business objectives.

2) Understand success

What makes people successful in their role at your organisation? Of course, this will differ across different business units and departments, but understanding the hallmarks of success is vital. Different characteristics and behavioural preferences will suit different roles. Mapping roles to specific success profiles is proven to increase performance, allowing leaders to recruit and develop their people in a way that will unlock their full potential, while increasing engagement.

3) Make the most of data

Data is key to quickly unlocking potential. If you have used psychometric tests to assess people against success profiles, you will have a trove of data that can be used to help people develop in key areas, boosting performance. As well as development, the data can also be used to support decision making and succession planning – a common strategic concern for organisations.

When combined with the right technology, the data can be visualized ‘on demand’ in a variety of different dashboards, giving leaders key information in real time, improving the quality of decisions.

At Morgan Philips Talent Consulting, our knowledge and experience covers three core talent areas: AssessDevelop and Consult. For over 35 years our global clients have relied on our expertise to unlock the full potential of their people. You can find out more here.

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