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Outplacement services

Are you looking for a tailor-made solution for your employees who have been made redundant that need assistance with their career evolution and job search strategy?

You may have had to make some difficult decisions in recent times. They don't become any harder than having to restructure and lay off some staffs because of adverse market conditions. The pandemic has taken a huge holl on the global economy and has tested us all like never before.

You will no doubt would like to provide these individuals training, advice and guidance on how they can boost their employability and get another job as quickly as possible. Especially in today's market that jobseekers need to maximise all available channels and their networks.

This is where our cost-effective, comprehensive outplacement solutions can help your organisation on. Our recruitment experts with deep understanding on organisations and hiring managers needs design and run these programmes to meet individual or team requirements.

Your employees will profit by:

Job search strategies to maximise successJob search strategies to maximise success

Career, CV, cover letter and interview adviceCareer, CV, cover letter and interview advice

Personal branding, including LinkedIn profile top tipsPersonal branding, including LinkedIn profile top tips

BTailor-made coaching and development programmesTailor-made coaching and development programmes

We can design tailored programmes to suit the needs of your employees - help them to prepare and plan for their next career step and ultimately get that next job, no matter for individuals or teams.

If you’d like to know more about our global outplacement services, you can talk to our specialist local teams.


You can find out more about our local offerings here:

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