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Life Science/Consumer Salary Guide Taiwan 2023

Morgan Philips has come out a comprehensive overview of the key salary and job trends for all the main life sciences, consumer & enabling roles. The data inside has been collated by our recruitment experts by thousands of candidate interviews and client assignments conducted and carried out within the last 12 months.

What are the major Life Sciences and Consumer trends in Taiwan?

Life Science:
Market Access Manager has highest increase of new job opening at 24%, followed by Regulatory Affairs Director at 12%. Medical Advisor decreased the most at 12%. Clinical Operation Director (7+ years) and Regulatory Affairs Talents (5+ years) shows good stability compare to other functions around 3 years. MSL (29%), Medical Advisor (25%), Clinical Operations (14%), Medical Director (11%) changed jobs more frequently than other roles.

Digital marketing roles including social media/CRM is the key trend (+7%) in 2022. External communication functions (+4%) due to government support and resources. Sr. Manager for both sales/key account and marketing (product/brand) is the majority. In consumer industry, BM/SBM & PM/SPM are the most frequently changing roles.

HR: -4% expressing the active hiring of HR in 2021 which led to slowdown in 2022. Finance: An increase of +1% in CFO/Finance Director roles. 11% of the talent movement in the year 2022. Supply Chain: -4% expressing the active hiring of Supply Chain in 2021 which led to slowdown in 2022. Supply Chain function also has the most stable tenure amongst enabling function.

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