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Global survey: Are organisations measuring for individual and team agility?

Global survey: Are organisations measuring for individual and team agility?

In a workplace defined by change, the ability to act with insight, flexibility and confidence in response to challenging and changing circumstances has become an essential.

To gain a better understanding of how organisations are incorporating agility into their talent strategies, we are currently running a global talent survey.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of our findings so far:

Testing, failing and learning are critical for agility

Nobody likes to fail, but having the resilience to learn from your failures, bounce back and evolve as an individual or as a team is an imperative trait in the new world of work.

According to our current results, 92% of professionals either agree or strongly agree with the statement: “Making mistakes and learning from them is a key component of agility.”

Our respondents also stressed the important relationship between resilience and agility, with 85% either agreeing or strongly agreeing that “Resilience is a critical aspect in demonstrating agility.”

Agility deserves a place in your talent strategy

While 86% of respondents said they believe the agility of their workforce is central to their business’s success, the majority are falling short when it comes to incorporating agility into their assessment and development process.

The most common method of measuring agility is through face to face assessments (70%) – a method that can only give limited insights into an individual or team’s agility. Furthermore, 54% of respondents said they don’t measure agility at all, and a further 18% said they were unsure if they do or don’t. 

Agility has become a business priority

In today’s era of digital, political and economic transformation and disruption, organisations are constantly looking to embrace agile ways or working – but it seems that they are equally interested in investing in an agile workforce. 

Our survey found that fourth fifths of our respondents (81%) are interested in learning more about agility in their organisation and how to measure and develop it. 



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