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Young, digitally-savvy talent set to dominate Taiwan’s senior leadership teams

Young, digitally-savvy talent set to dominate Taiwan’s senior leadership teams

Despite being a 250 mile long island off the coast of China, Taiwan is by no means isolated from the digital transformation that’s taking place on a global scale. In fact,

Taiwan has wholeheartedly embraced the digital revolution, and in some aspects, is leading the way. 

Almost 90% of the 23 million people that call Taiwan home are connected to the internet, viewing internet connectivity as more of a human right than anything else.

The island state has also housed a number of large-scale tech firms since the 1970s, and in recent years, many highly successful and influential tech startups have emerged, too. 

To find out more about how Taiwan’s executive search market is adapting to change and transformation, we caught up with Patty Yang, the Managing Director of Morgan Philips Groups’ Taiwan business, to get her take on the matter.

A new generation of digital leaders takes the reins


Having decades worth of experience on your resume is no longer the great selling point it once was. In fact, it could be detrimental to your appeal as a leader, says Patty, who heads up Taiwan’s executive search business.

“In today’s search market, organisations are far more likely to favour younger generations of leaders that are tech-savvy, energetic and incredibly passionate about what they do.”

As many organisations continue to undergo digital transformation, the demand for leaders with a digital or tech-based background is something we’re seeing take place across most industries, particularly the healthcare, IT and the FMCG markets.

“Organisations need leaders that are strategic-thinkers, problem-solvers and have the capability to develop their people. They also need to have the right mindset, strong communication skills and take a hands on approach to their work,” she says.

To succeed in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing business environment, organisations also need leaders who aren’t afraid to take risks and learn from their mistakes, she points out. 

“A number of our clients are actually starting to ask shortlisted candidates for examples of a time where they’ve experienced failure, and explain how they bounced back from it.”

Securing the interest of C-level leaders is a top priority


Replacing a C-level leader is no quick fix solution. In fact, because of the business critical nature of the role, the usual process can take anywhere between three and six months if done well. 

“These senior-level searches are highly confidential, and they can be challenging, as you’re only able to give candidates a broad idea of the industry without going into specifics about the company or role.”

“To identify and attract the right people, it’s vital that you partner with a search firm that has a strong understanding of your market and an extensive network – access to research centres and digital tools also aid in the talent mapping process.”

Search firms need to be creative in their approach


To help organisations succeed in appointing senior level leaders, search firms need to be just as agile and flexible as the people their looking to appoint. Employing a creative approach to traditional search techniques and methodologies is now an essential, says Patty. 

“Experience placing senior leaders is important, but in this day and age, relying on little black books and smoke and mirror tactics will only get you so far. For example, our team of experts use a number of digital tools and crowdsourcing techniques to find the right candidates. It’s about finding places where your client cannot reach, and helping them to get there.”

You also a search firm with an in-depth knowledge of your market, says Patty: “You need a partner who knows what’s taking place on the ground, such as who’s moved companies or roles, and what challenges both businesses and candidates are up against.”

To find out more trends and insights into Taiwan’s executive search market, get in touch with Patty Yang on

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