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Why didn't I get the job?

Why didn't I get the job?

  • You didn't research the company as thoroughly as you should have

  • You didn't prove that you're interested in the role by showing enthusiasm or asking relevant questions

  • You failed to demonstrate your skills or experience are right for the job

  • You spoke negatively of your previous employer.


The job interview is always a high-pressure situation.

And while you're desperate to nail the interview, it's sometimes difficult to tell where you went wrong.

Here are 5 possible reasons you didn't get the job...

1. You didn't do your homework

If you turn up without doing the proper amount of research, you'll get found out very quickly indeed!

Don't just read the job description, get familiar with their website, their mission statement, and their social media feed.

2. You didn't ask questions

The easiest way to demonstrate your enthusiasm and willingness to learn is by asking questions.

Sitting there as if you don't need anything about the job or company explained to you will come across as either naive or arrogant.

Ask them throughout the interview when they come to mind, and have a few prepared for the end of the interview beforehand.

3. You were too negative about your employer

One of the most common interview questions is: "why do you want to leave your job?" So it's likely you'll have to explain why you're unhappy with your current employer.

But with that in mind, try not to be too negative. Don't start singling out individuals or making sweeping statements about the organisation as a whole.

4. You couldn't back up what was on your CV

It's all well and good having an immaculately designed, written and formatted CV packed with qualifications and experience.

But if you can't back it up by talking conversationally about it, or expanding on the claims you make on paper, it'll all be for nothing!

Get to know your CV and be ready to explain ALL the points you make on it!

5. You were too casual

This doesn't just refer to your appearance. Sometimes, in an effort to not lose your composure, your demeanour might come across as just a bit too relaxed.

Worse still, you may even come across as bored.

A good balance is to speak slowly and calmly, but don't forget that this an exciting chance to land a fantastic new opportunity!

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