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Why contractors should partner with a managed solutions consultancy

Why contractors should partner with a managed solutions consultancy

Up until only recently, organisations that needed consultants on a contractual basis in the technology, digital or change sector would always tend to follow the traditional PSL staffing route, but as of late, there’s been a sharp rise in the number of managed solutions consultancies supplying to projects. 

Why? Managed service providers can offer organisations efficient, high-quality talent with a proven track record delivering results – these consultancies also tend to take on more of a partnership role for both the candidate and the client, rather than simply meeting supply and demand. 

While there are plenty of reasons why organisations should partner with a managed solutions provider, there are some pretty compelling perks for contractors too, such as:

Access to exclusive project work.


Traditional staffing opportunities tend to come with a lot of competition – but when you work with a managed solutions consultancy, they tend to prefer putting forward consultants on an exclusive basis.

This means that if you’ve worked with a consultancy, and you’ve proven to be highly-effective on the job, you’re far more likely to be put forward for future projects – giving you access to an exclusive stream of project work that nobody else has access to. 

For instance, here at Morgan Philips Managed Solutions we only ever put forward two of our best profiles for a project to cut out the competition for our consultants, and to save our clients time.

A fast-paced hiring process.


Most managed solutions consultancies tend to take on more of a partnership role when working with organisations, so the budgets and terms of agreement are already locked in place. 

This means that when an organisations needs new consultants for an upcoming project, things move very quickly.

The majority of staffing roles take around three weeks to be properly processed and signed off, but when you’re working with Morgan Philips Managed Solutions, you’ll have an initial screening meeting with us, another meeting with the client and a decision within the week. 

Clear and continuous communication.


When most contractors are placed into a role, they rarely ever hear from the agency again until it’s extension time – but this isn’t what Morgan Philips Managed Solutions is about.

We’re dedicated to keeping our consultants just as happy as our clients, so when you’re onsite at an organisation, we stay in contact throughout the process, and meet up with you on a monthly basis to get feedback on how things are going and find out how we can offer support.

With ongoing demand in the managed solutions market, we want to make sure you’re aware of all the latest and most relevant opportunities on the market. That’s why, when we win new pieces of work and engage with organisations on new projects, we’ll reach out to you to keep you up-to-date.

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