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What to look for in a Managed Service Provider

What to look for in a Managed Service Provider

With the sharp rise in digital innovation, and the subsequent appearance of the gig economy, the workplace has experienced a period of significant change in recent years. 

People’s attitudes towards the workplace have transformed and, as a result, organisations are rethinking their approach to attracting and securing project-driven resources. 

One method that’s proven ideal for the business change and transformation sector is partnering with Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Operating as a partner, an MSP takes responsibility for the delivery, quality, onboarding and management of resources as well as an ongoing duty to ensure SLAs are being met and that the needs of the business are pro-actively addressed.

This approach gives organisations near-instant access to business change and transformation consultants, making it an increasingly popular alternative to the more traditional PSL recruitment model.

If your organisation is considering a partnership with an MSP, here’s what to look for:

Think outside the “Big Four” box.


With recent advancements in digital technology, the financial services sector is becoming increasingly disrupted, and many organisations are revaluating their options when it comes to talent management.

Consultancies that offer a managed service are swiftly growing in popularity, but interestingly, many organisations are choosing to partner with smaller, boutique consultancies rather than the Big Four.

These smaller organisations focus on flexibility, agility and speed, and offer clients the ability to tailor their resources specifically to their needs.

In recent years, the Big Four have garnered a great deal of bad publicity and have become significantly more expensive in comparison to smaller firms. 

They live and breathe technology.


When looking to find resource in the business change and transformation sector, you need a partner that understands your industry and your specific business needs.

For instance, I’ve found my experience working as a recruiter for several years in the Business Change and Transformation sector incredibly useful when switching over to a managed service. I have strong relationships with consultants and have generated a name for myself in the industry but I also have an in-depth understanding of the more technical elements of the sector, which comes in useful when helping clients to problem-solve.

Find a partner that is well-connected in the local community and has connections to a broad range of consultants so that they can pair you with people based on culture and mindset, as well as skillset.

They don’t offer a one-size-fits-all package.


Your organisation has its own unique set of business objectives and goals – it also has a culture and reputation to maintain – so partnering with an MSP that offers a one-size-fits-all package deal isn’t a viable option.

Find a partner that offers a range of products and solutions and has the ability to tailor their service offering directly to your requirements, both in the present and in the future.

It’s also vital that your MSP partner takes the time to understand your business’s needs and key objectives – they should be willing to build a genuine relationship with you and understand what you need on an ongoing basis.

They’re fast-moving and efficient.


In today’s rapidly changing business environment, priorities and objectives change in a heartbeat, and organisations need to adapt if they want to get by – so having access to immediate talent is fast becoming a necessity. 

That’s why an MSP with a pro-active understanding of your demands will be far better suited in the long run.

Our innovative Virtual Bench platform makes the buying process straight-forward and efficient. All our services are deployed and managed through a bespoke technology platform, which provides a live view of all activities associated with the success of a programme. All you need to do is click to request a resource.

This means we can pipeline talent based on the client’s specific needs - it also means clients have a clear view of the relevant resources.

Morgan Philips Managed Solutions offers an agile, tech-savvy approach to the traditional managed service model. To find out more about how our innovative business offering can help you, get in touch with our team.

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