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What makes a bad recruiter?

What makes a bad recruiter?

Determination, honesty, integrity and a reputable person are just some of the key ingredients that contribute to a good recruiter. While these attributes come naturally to the majority of recruiters, what exactly makes a bad recruiter in the first place?

Managing Director of Fyte England, Richard Turner, was asked by Recruiter Grapevine on what he believes contributes to the making of a bad recruiter, and how it can be avoided. Read his insights below:

One of the great things about the recruitment industry is the low barrier to entry, thereby allowing open entry to anyone with the passion, commercial acumen, and entrepreneurial desire to participate. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of such a low entry barrier is the ‘broad church’ nature of the industry, ranging from great to bad.

Bad recruiters damage the industry, and can give the profession a bad reputation ranging from the inability to constructively consult and challenge, effectively adding no more value than becoming an order taking delivery processer, through to being completely anesthetised to the emotional human element at the heart of bringing both employer and employee together. Artificial Intelligence is getting stronger by the day and is already able to provide both analytical and cognitive assessment. Bad recruiters will in time therefore become an extinct species as technology replaces them, albeit there will always be a place for good, value-adding recruiters who put human connectivity at the heart of the profession.

Richard's thoughts were originally published amongst others on the Recruitment Grapevine - view the full article

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