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Top 10 Time Management tips

Top 10 Time Management tips

In this article, we offer some guidance on how to get the most out of individual and team performance during this new mixed reality phase of a part virtual, part physical working world.

  1. Trust your people

Ensuring that employees feel trusted and are allowed to work autonomously will have a positive knock-on effect on productivity and loyalty. Micro-management, for example, will erode trust and lead to poorer individual and team results.

  1. Learn to adapt

One of the most important skills through difficult periods of change is the ability to be agile. We’re now entering a new dynamic, a mixture of home and office working. We will therefore need to adjust our behaviours and adapt accordingly.  

  1. Self-motivation

Although many report that they are at least if not more productive at home, there is the danger of succumbing to distractions. Concentrating can be difficult, therefore it’s important to have a designated work area that allows you to focus on work matters.

  1. Worker wellbeing

Organisations must check on the mental health of their staff. Zoom fatigue and e-presenteeism are adding to stress and anxiety levels, which are already elevated during difficult times. Taking regular breaks and exercise will help immensely.   

  1. Team bond

Not being able to talk to someone in person means that you have to rely on others to be more responsive. But we all need to be more accommodating. We have to make time for each other and consider other people’s needs.

  1.  Tech support

You need the right technology to work from home. What if someone’s laptop packs up? Or they need urgent IT help? Whatever the issue, there must be processes to ensure that any lost productivity is minimised.  

  1. Communication is key

Especially when working from home, communication must be a priority for managers. Whether using video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, regular catch-ups are essential. Sharing knowledge and best practice will lead to a better use of time. 

  1. Managing family life

Working from home is a godsend for parents as they get to spend more time with their kids. But  it’s important to set boundaries. You have to find a happy medium that allows you to combine both work and parental duties.  

  1. Get into a routine

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that all discipline goes out of the window. Make the most of the time gained not travelling. Plan ahead to prepare your meetings and hit those deadlines!  

  1.  Demonstrate kindness

There may be some days when you feel like you haven’t achieved your goals. That’s normal, so don’t be too hard on yourself or those in your team. A kind word can make a big difference. 

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