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The future is Fyte: The digital platform revolutionising the recruitment process

The future is Fyte: The digital platform revolutionising the recruitment process

Digital technology has impacted almost every aspect of our working lives; from how we communicate with one another, to how we learn new skills, to how we carry out tasks and measure our success. Yet, when it comes to finding new talent, or finding new jobs for that matter, the recruitment sector is still lagging behind.

Fyte uses the latest digital tools together with the latest sourcing techniques to help you recruit permanent and temporary talent cost-effectively and easily. Since being introduced to the market by Morgan Philips Group in 2013, Fyte has experienced huge success across Europe and Asia, and is now coming to the UK.

Hudson became a part of the Morgan Philips Group in April 2018. We are thrilled to be presenting Fyte, as well as a number of other exciting service offerings, across our UK offices in the next few months.

What is Fyte?

Combining digital tools, such as video CVs and job descriptions, with the latest sourcing techniques, Fyte helps organisations recruit talent better, faster and more cost-effectively.

Peter Istead, UK Managing Director for Morgan Philips Group, says: 

“By combining our more traditional, tried and tested methods of recruitment with cutting-edge technology and advanced sourcing processes, we’re suppling a service that will take the UK’s recruitment sector into the 21st century.”

How does Fyte help organisations?

Fyte understands the demands of modern job-seekers – providing a high-speed, tech-based approach to job search – giving your jobs the exposure and reach needed to find top talent. 

Our video-centric approach means we’re able to convey the core aspects of a job in a matter of seconds, as well as provide a personalised and human-facing approach to the hiring process. And our highly-effective digital methodologies and vast international network means we’re able to reach 50+ million people worldwide.

Alistair Shaw, Director for Fyte Scotland, says: 

“We’ve been pairing some of the UK’s leading organisations with top talent for decades now – and that’s not going to change.”

“But with Fyte’s unique approach to the recruitment process, we’re now able to get your jobs in front of more people, quicker, and tap into entirely new and different talent pools.”

What does Fyte mean for job seekers?

Most recruitment firms are unabashedly biased towards their clients – but we think the hiring process should be a two-way street, and can be mutually beneficial for both clients and job seekers. 

The Fyte platform gives job seekers more visibility by providing the opportunity to showcase their key skills, experience and personality to potential employers by creating their own video CVs.

And rather than having to filter through lengthy job descriptions, Fyte’s video-centric approach means job seekers can find out what the job is all about and why the want to work there straight away.

Richard Turner, Director for Fyte England, says: 

“Finding a new job can be a daunting process, but Fyte eliminates stress from the equation by bringing you face-to-face with your interviewer before you’ve even stepped into the room. For each job, you’ll see a video from the recruitment consultant or employer outlining key details about the organisation and the job.”

“Not only does this take away a lot of the mystery associated with interviews, it also gives you a good idea of whether or not the job is right for you.”

We’re very excited to launch Fyte to the UK market and look forward to working with you all in due course.

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