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The 7 practices that will guide you to success

The 7 practices that will guide you to success

You are a professional and you want to embark on the road to success, create your own start-up or get a new promotion within your company? Implement these 7 practices outlined by author and entrepreneur Martin Zwilling to become a more effective and goal-oriented professional.

1. Show that you are willing to lead as much as you are willing to follow.

We are always looking for leaders to help us in difficult situations, but not looking for egos reluctant to bend to new learnings and expertise of others. It's important that you communicate your expectations to the people around you, and that you provide constructive feedback and rewards for the contributions of your colleagues and team members.

2. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

Your future is tied to the relationships you have. You need to learn from people who think independently, who have gone through some difficult professional situations but have managed to get by.

3. Don't be afraid to take risks, but try to limit your losses.

Whether you're a professional on a team, or an entrepreneur looking for a new startup, you won't get anywhere unless you try your luck. On the other hand, closing your eyes and jumping blindly into any project is not smart. Always push your limits, but don't exceed them at the cost of your success.

4. Stop thinking, make a decision and take action.

Some people are looking for new ideas, but are reluctant to commit and implement a specific plan. In the world of work in which we operate today, you can easily lose an opportunity by not acting quickly and decisively.

5. Play with your strengths and recognise your weaknesses.

Your strengths are your true competitive advantages, so focus on them. Acknowledge your weaknesses and find help to fill those gaps, rather than trying to do everything yourself. A successful business requires a team of strong people, rather than a hero. Build a complementary team you can rely on and delegate.

6. Always express a positive attitude.

It's easy to see each challenge as a problem rather than an opportunity. The mindset and attitude you adopt will impact what you can accomplish, as well as how others perceive you. Others must rely on you as someone who is willing and able to take on difficult challenges.

7. Approach success in small steps.

We all dream of that great event or opportunity that will propel us to success, but it rarely happens. Those who have benefited from it will tell you all the small steps they have taken, and the many failures they have experienced and endured in life. Celebrate small victories to create a mindset for long-term success.

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