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Robot recruiting  - focusing on the ‘H’ in HR

Robot recruiting - focusing on the ‘H’ in HR

In the digital age, HR processes can be automated through artificial intelligence. The use of Robot Recruiting can already replace half of the recruitment processes. AI systems can analyse and optimise job ads, thereby improving the search for applicants.

Where chatbots come to the fore is during the first contact with applicants. Frequently asked questions can be answered by the system or forwarded directly to the relevant employees. CV parsing is another area where this can be applied - here data from the CV of online profiles is automatically read out – as is matching, in which suitable candidates are selected from a broad pool, given the requirements of the profile and job description.

In the medium term, these smart algorithms pose no real threat to HR decision makers and hiring managers. Robot recruiting can be considered a digital colleague and therefore does not replace the ‘human’ employee. Based on the data, candidates can be selected objectively and complex sub-processes, such as candidate selection, remain the responsibility of the recruiter. Blind and unreflective recruitment is not always effective.

Ensuring fairness

Apart from time saving and cost efficiency, the big advantage of robot recruiting is its fairness. Algorithms do not take into account gender, origin, religion, age or skin colour. The data-based analysis software also allows IT-specific platforms and portals to be searched. This allows hidden talent to be identified, particularly given the shortage of skilled workers in the STEM subjects. .

However, as candidates prefer to apply by e-mail, they fear being excluded from the algorithm due to formal errors. Good applicants can be left out and remain hidden from recruiters. This is one of the disadvantages.

Even in times of digitalisation, the focus on the ‘H’ or Human element in HR should not be lost.

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