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Remote working - 6 ways to maximise efficiencies

Remote working - 6 ways to maximise efficiencies

6 tips to maximise effiency

The evolving global response to the COVID-19 virus has now made remote working an essential part of organisations' working practices to enable workers to continue working - efficiently and productively.  

To support organisations and individuals in these uncertain times, Morgan Philips Talent Consulting has created six ‘top tips’ to maximise remote working efficiencies.

1) Start with a team call, set expectations early
Make sure leaders arrange calls with their respective teams to set expectations. Ensure the call provides clarity for everyone, the new processes needed, who will be responsible for activities. Ensure team members know what is expected of them and who they can contact if they require support. This will help reduce any anxiety team members may be feeling about working remotely.

2) Schedule regular updates with teams and colleagues
Whether daily, weekly or even monthly, organising calls at regular intervals will allow team members to share their individual and collective progress. This is important to ensure that everybody is working on the correct task and there is no duplication of effort. As with all team meetings, keep to the point and provide everybody with the opportunity to have their say.

3) Use video conferencing where possible
If you have the chance, periodically use video conferencing to organise meetings. Seeing your colleagues can help build team spirit, read individual's body language,  thereby creating a closer bond and camaraderie among all members.

4) Think about your colleagues’ time and workload
Everybody will manage their time and responsibilities in a different way. To help the wider team, avoid unnecessary emails. There are also a number of other easy ways to communicate with colleagues, such as via Skype, MS Teams, Slack or even WhatsApp. Managers also have a responsibility to ensure an equal distribution of tasks among the team making a conscious effort to not overload anyone.

5) Stay connected and available to your team
Working remotely can be a major hindrance when managing crises or emergencies, especially if there are difficulties in contacting team members whose involvement is critical. Keep your phone and other communication tools to hand and ensure they are checked regularly during your workday.

6) Utilise technology to increase productivity
To enable remote working, organisations must have the infrastructure and the appropriate tools in place. There are a wide variety of tools on the market that enable teams to collaborate remotely. Organisations may have to take a flexible approach to procuring and using these tools if they aren’t already part of their standard offering.

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