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Questions you shouldn't ask at an interview

Questions you shouldn't ask at an interview

Keep the focus on you and not on other candidates, don't ask questions you should already know the answers to, leave the topic of salary to the second interview phase, and don't try to be funny by asking your interviewer similar interview questions.


Asking the right questions at interview can be tough – especially given how many there are you probably want to ask.

Some are helpful, some irrelevant, and some you shouldn't ask at all.

Here are 5 questions you should leave out of the interview process.

1. "Why did you bring me in today?"

You might be tempted to throw a curveball back at the hiring manager during the interview – but trust us, questions like this won't help you stand out in a good way. 

Don't be a smart alec – you're there to impress by demonstrating your value. Not by trying to play mind games.

2. "How many other candidates are you interviewing?"

At best, the interviewer will politely give you a rough number. At worst, they'll politely tell you that it's none of your business – and quite rightly!

Either way, it makes no difference to your ability to do a job. And that's what this process is ultimately about.

3. "What are the hours?"

In theory this isn't a terrible question, but you probably won't be able to ask it without sounding like you're a clock watcher. And that can be a tough impression to shake. 

Our advice here is – if they mention it, great! If not, keep it zipped!

4. "Who are your competitors?"

You might think you're delving into the nitty gritty of the role and trying to get in the mindset of an employee, but the truth is you just sound like you haven't done your homework. You should already know this!

5. Anything about salary

You shouldn't really be thinking about salary and benefits in the first round of interviews. 

As a general rule, it's probably best to steer away from any question that sounds like you're assuming you already got the job – save it for the final stages!

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