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Navigating the Competitive Landscape: Talent Challenges in the Asian Animal Nutrition Industry

Navigating the Competitive Landscape: Talent Challenges in the Asian Animal Nutrition Industry


The Animal Nutrition industry in Asia, including Mainland China, Southeast Asia, and surrounding areas, has been experiencing significant growth through new product innovations, market penetrations, and acquisitions, leading to an increased demand for highly skilled talent. As a result, companies in this sector offer generous compensation packages to attract and retain top talent.

However, the industry has increasingly become more candidate-driven, particularly in Country Technical and Sales level roles. Generally, even producers are competing for the same pool of talent. While the industry is growing rapidly, talent development and availability have not kept pace.

Business segmentations are also becoming less distinct as more companies produce their own products in-house or expand their product portfolios through Joint Venture partnerships or Acquisitions. For example, Feed Companies/Integrators are developing their premixes and additives on their own, Feed Additives Companies are venturing into health products, and Animal Health Companies are branching into Feed Additives. This has resulted in competition fiercer than before, making talented individuals highly sought after.

While hiring local talents for senior management roles with full P&L responsibilities is prioritized, positions like General Management, VPs, and Regional Heads are still predominantly occupied by expatriates.
Overall, the Animal Nutrition and Health industry in Asia is poised for continued growth, strongly emphasizing talent acquisition and retention as a key driver of success.

Inside this report, we also cover:

  • Market trends and challenges covering China, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand
  • Salary benchmark for different roles by functions
  • General demographics related to Education background, Tenures, Turn-over Rate, Competitiveness and etc.

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