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Morgan Philips Hudson Becomes Morgan Philips

Morgan Philips Hudson Becomes Morgan Philips

In April 2018, Morgan Philips Group SA announced the acquisition of Hudson Global’s recruitment and talent management operations in Europe (excluding Benelux). The deal enabled the creation of a new specialist global talent acquisition and management business, Morgan Philips Group, employing more than 600 people in almost 20 countries.

More than a year and a half since the successful integration, we have dropped the Hudson name and made way for the Morgan Philips Executive Search and Morgan Philips Talent Consulting brands.

Our dedicated teams, know-how and tools remain unchanged. We will continue to innovate and evolve our IP with new products and solutions fit for our clients’ talent challenges while continuing to advise candidates in whatever stage they are at in their career. Our newly designed website brings together under one platform our whole solutions set, truly reflecting our international commitment.

We will also continue to invest in our Talent Consulting solutions to fit with the new world of work, and as a result we have recently launched a new offering centered around agility. Our objective is to help companies better understand their talent, their potential and leadership on an individual, collective and organizational basis in order to increase their performance. These solutions can be integrated to our recruitment offerings to additionally enable better hiring decisions.

The Future

We won’t stop here! In a recent survey we conducted involving business leaders, we found out that two thirds of them believe the cycle of invention and innovation is speeding up in their markets. Most of them estimate that their companies will need to operate almost one third faster than they do today in order to remain competitive.

As a talent advisor and business partner, we’re regularly approached by organizations who value our expertise and understanding of the talent market to help them make better decisions to achieve their business strategy.

Ten years ago, no one would have imagined how quickly the world would evolve. Our industries are constantly being disrupted by digital innovation and the looming threat of political and economic unease - organizations are under a huge amount of pressure to accelerate performance. To remain competitive, organizations need leaders that are comfortable with change, that have the courage to think on their feet, and who don’t fear disruption, but rather embrace it. We’ll continue to evolve our solutions portfolio and anticipate the market evolutions in order to enable organizations to recruit the best talent.

For more information on the acquisition, our current offerings or future hiring needs, please click here to forward your query.

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