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Marketing jobs that will have greater demand in the 2020s

Marketing jobs that will have greater demand in the 2020s

The last decade has seen massive strides in technology, especially with the increasing importance of social media and AI. The constant evolution of digital marketing as a result of this has proven that the next decade will see even further developments in the sector’s job market. For companies that position themselves as innovative, they will have to adapt their hiring practices in order to attract forward-thinking talent.

Here are our predictions on what the near future of marketing jobs will look like:

High-Tech Marketing Roles

Yes, the line between data and marketing professionals may seem to be getting thinner, but the distinction remains the same – it is the skill requirements that are changing. As businesses continue leveraging digital data and AI to prove ROI, the value for data-savvy marketing professionals will rise. In the next few years, data scientists will establish themselves as key disruptors in critical areas of digital like SEO, real-time marketing campaigns and customer engagement.

So what kinds of roles will emerge in the marketing sector because of this? Consider job titles from the likes of a straightforward Marketing Data Scientist through to Algorithm Bias Auditor or even Head of Bot Creative.

Skill Requirements:

  • Machine learning tools
  • Algorithm strategy
  • Scripting languages
  • Data modelling and evaluation

On the increasing popularity of these skills, one of our experienced marketing recruitment consultants, Jonelle Telles, observes that “data and AI skills are more and more seen as bonus points in UX marketing roles. The competition is fierce; older candidates are being challenged to develop these skills in order to synergise with a younger workforce.”

Customer Experience Roles

In a digital landscape, the concept of client experience has vastly changed. Whether it’s through the auditing of customer data or creating new ways to retain client loyalty, experience will be further invested in as a rival to brand product. By 2020, client experience will become the brand differentiator over price and product. In retail, for example, businesses have already invested in experiential concept stores in order to drive consumers to brick-and-mortar stores and remain resilient in the face of ecommerce.

Whilst the names of such roles may not change – see Chief Client Officer (CCO), Client Experience Coordinator or Customer Feedback Manager, their skillsets are slightly evolving.

Skill Requirements:

  • Proven interest in social and cultural trends
  • Experiential and sensory marketing techniques
  • Data ethnography

Branding Roles

Brand identity and brand awareness have been focal points of marketing since the role’s inception. In an era of personalisation, consumers want to connect with brands on a deeper level, on both a cultural and socio-political basis. A part of this journey is a brand purpose, which attracts customers as well as engages employees, paving the way for an almost dual HR-Marketing role. A content marketer will be additionally asked to leverage storytelling so that the brand narrative is as impactful as it is engaging.

“Storytelling as a term has hugely spiked in popularity. Marketing managers are no longer just looking for someone who can produce ‘great content’,” says Jonelle. “In their job briefs, content-focussed candidates are being asked to essentially brings brands to life for consumers.”

Brand Narrative Manager or Purpose Coordinator are some obscure, but nevertheless potential job titles that could come up in the near future.

Skill Requirements:

  • Proven interest in social and cultural trends
  • PR & Communications savvy
  • Omnichannel content management


For any marketing hiring needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jonelle Telles for her expertise and network.

If you are interested in pursuing marketing roles, please click here to browse our current job offerings.

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