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Is your Tech up to Spec?

Is your Tech up to Spec?

A 2021 survey carried out by Workfront, the leader in work management and an Adobe company, found that if tech workers aren’t provided with the right tools to do their jobs efficiently, they are very likely to find an organisation that will.

The findings actually revealed that almost half (49%) of employees in the UK were more likely to leave their employer if not happy with the technology they were using. These are quite startling figures and fire a very clear warning to organisations – make sure you invest in the latest technology or risk losing your top talent. And with 35.9% of workers having at some point worked from home during 2020 according to latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures, the importance of tech cannot be understated. 

What was also particularly interesting from the report findings is that these concerns apply just as much to Gen X workers as they do the Millennial workforce. Indeed, of those who actually left their jobs as a result of technology woes, almost one in three (32%) were from the former category, almost on a par with their younger colleagues (33%). Clearly, those organisations that prioritise technology are able to demonstrate their commitment to their people and by contrast can also attract the best talent.

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UK workers are also more reliant on tech to do their jobs than they have ever been with more saying that tech is vital for them to complete their work. The importance of tech tools in fostering digital collaboration has also grown considerably with over half (56%) of survey respondents stating that it was an integral part of communication and teamwork. The benefits have also been realised from a creative point of view with colleagues being able to share new ideas and innovate virtually thanks to modern tech platforms.

The challenges and difficulties encountered by their organisations have made workers go over and beyond to add as much value and bring in as much revenue for their companies. UK digital workers feel more engaged and connected to their company than they did pre-pandemic with 3 in 4 feeling that their work ‘very much’ impacts their organisation. More than 4 in 5 were ‘very invested’ in their current role. However, a lack of recognition (62%), not feeling that their work matters (52%) and poor communications (43%) with colleagues and managers were the top three barriers cited.

Investing in the right technologies is vital for digital workers in not only allowing them to be productive and efficient but also giving them the autonomy and flexibility to be creative while also helping their work-life balance and mental wellbeing. But organisations and leaders must also provide support for their people to thrive, foster collaboration and ensure that their workers are valued and can remain engaged, thereby boosting retention and attraction.

For both Gen X and Millennials, technology that isn’t fit for purpose is no longer acceptable in the new world of work.

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