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Is Poland the new Silicon Valley of Europe?

Is Poland the new Silicon Valley of Europe?

Continuing our global series exploring talent trends in 2021, we speak to Agnieszka Cieslok, Executive Search Director at Morgan Philips about the state of the tech and digital market in Poland.

Technology as a sector has remained fairly stable globally throughout 2020 with demand for specialist technical skills remaining steady in spite of the severe economic shockwaves.

The Polish market has been no different. As Agnieszka explains, “Remote working hasn’t been so challenging in the sector as this was already a reality for many tech workers. With more global companies looking to set up in Poland, the demand for tech talent has continued to rise. Cybersecurity, data science, AI, machine learning and cloud computing are the hottest skills and companies are battling to secure the best talent.”

Programming skills are still also sought after. “Java is constantly in demand and we’re seeing an increase in requests for Python, which is the language of the future. Not only is it easier and quicker to learn than other programming languages, it is very versatile and can be used in machine learning and data science roles. Niche functional programming languages such as Haskell are also in demand,” she adds.

Poland is one of Europe’s most developed tech hubs, with both global and local companies looking to hire top tech talent. “We are very lucky in that the level and calibre of candidates here in Poland is very high, which is one of the reasons why multinational tech companies such as Intel have set up one of their biggest R&D laboratories in Gdansk. There has been a big increase in start-ups across all the major cities, from Warsaw to Krakow, and Lodz to Wroclaw.”

‘Motivated and ambitious’

The skill sets of Polish candidates extend way beyond their technical competencies. “Tech professionals in Poland have an excellent command of English, which is fundamental for tech disciplines. But they are also adept at stakeholder management and other soft skills such as communication and people management. The ability to translate and simplify technical jargon is very important in a world where technology develops so fast.”

But as Agnieszka reveals, there is a whole host of other reasons that sets Polish candidate apart. “Tech professionals here in Poland are very motivated and ambitious, they are fast learners. They combine technical skills with the right mindset, which employers appreciate. That said, they want to work for companies where they feel valued and in an environment where they can grow and develop. Polish candidates can compete on a global scale, and with remote working ever more prevalent, they can stay in Poland rather than move overseas.”

And what are the hot tech jobs and skills to look out for in 2021? “The Polish tech market reflects what’s going in the US, so strong mathematical and statistical skills, for example for AI, machine learning and data science will continue to rule the roost. Data science engineers, cybersecurity managers, programmers and everything to do with digitalisation – these are the tech jobs that will dominate.”

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