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HR Roles which will be successful in 2020

HR Roles which will be successful in 2020

In a competitive market, the world of HR is constantly changing and over the years, many changes and new titles have come into form. Formerly more considered as administrative agents, the HR professions today play a key role in the smooth running of the company and as well as its performance.

The current economic climate, the new work trends and the digitization of HR processes are all factors that are revolutionizing the HR profession, both through the evolution of tasks and responsibilities and by the emergence of new human resources needs.

Here are HR Roles which will see greater success and popularity in 2020:


In a fast-growing and highly competitive market, recruiters are tasked with identifying and meeting the needs and potential of companies in terms of recruitment. To do this, they must work on sourcing, matching and evaluating candidates in order to find the talents that will best match the vacancies.

With new human resource challenges, recruiters need to be increasingly responsive and agile in order to attract the best talent and best meet the needs of businesses.

New digital tools, social networks and the use of Big Data are revolutionizing the recruitment industry and enabling recruiters to have increasing success thanks to increasingly effective methods.

Payroll Officer

With the rise of tax-evading and various recent measures of withholding tax, payroll calculations have become more complex and the search for payroll professionals has grown considerably.

Beyond remuneration, payroll managers must take into account different parameters in the calculation of payrolls such as insurance, unemployment, retirement, etc. This is particularly required the legal and social sectors.

Payroll Managers are seeing a gradual evolution of their profession following the steady digitization of HR processes; their tasks have the greater added value of analysis, control, and management of payroll and thus reinforces their social involvement with the company.

With demand for strong growth for this position and yet still few candidates, this job which offers more and more diversified responsibilities will be increasingly sought after by candidates in the coming years.

Talent Acquisition Specialist

A Talent Acquisition Specialist occupies a strategic position within the company. First, because they must anticipate the needs of a company and define a global recruitment strategy, and in a second step, must identify, attract and successfully integrate talents into the company effectively.

Contrary to the recruiter, a talent acquisition specialist will take a more proactive ‘headhunting’ approach to their day-to-day resourcing. The Talent Acquisition Specialist sees business issues in their entirety and must also respond to marketing issues that are invading the recruitment sector through content creation, reflection on segmentation, etc.


With roles within HR continuing to develop within the next years, Morgan Philips is at the forefront of this sector’s evolution. For any hiring needs within your business’ own HR team, click here to get in touch with one of our expert consultants.

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