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High rise in demand for recruiters

High rise in demand for recruiters

Recent data from LinkedIn has revealed that the demand for ‘recruiters’, ‘technical recruiters’ and ‘talent acquisition specialists’ has risen significantly since the start of 2021. There were almost seven times (x6.8) the number of advertised recruiter jobs in June 2021 compared to June 2020, with numbers in April 2021 surpassing pre-pandemic levels.

This is yet further evidence of an uptick in economic activity around the world as companies look to add to their headcount to meet increasing customer demand. And clearly, the role of the recruiter is pivotal in helping to source those in demand skills and hard to find talent that they (often) desperately need to remain competitive, especially now in the new hybrid world of work.

One of the key trends to emerge from the findings is that previous experience in the recruitment sector aside, and although most did come from an HR background (35%), there were many who were hired into recruitment roles from other fields such as sales (12%), operations (9%), business (9%) development, support (9%), administrative (9%), IT (9%) and marketing (3%) roles.

Reading this, you may be one of them and already possess many of the transferable skills required for recruiter jobs such as building lasting relationships with people, being passionate about customer service or having a flair for generating sales. If you have language skills, that’s a bonus too! Importantly, you’ll be adding immense value to an organisation by focusing on its most important asset – the people who will secure its future and enable it to grow in uncertain economic times.

Industry knowledge

Or you could opt to work for a global specialist recruitment company. With uncapped earning potential, it can be a very lucrative career. It’s also a great way for you to use your specialist knowledge as you’ll be able to speak the language of the clients and candidates who are looking for the specific skills that you have been instructed to find. Prior knowledge experience working for example in finance, IT or the legal sector will allow you to better understand the skills and mindset to succeed in the sector.

As well as job security, the research also found that ‘having influence over tasks and priorities’ and ‘challenging work’ were two of the most important factors for aspiring recruiters. No two days are ever as a recruiter, where you’ll be partnering with different organisations and hiring managers as well as a diverse array of candidates. You’ll be tasked to find people with different skills and to present a shortlist of suitable candidates.

There is lots of scope for fast career progression based on your results, your commitment, professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit. Specialist recruiters will provide you with all the training, support and tools you need to do your job efficiently and effectively. Before you know it, you could be managing your own desk and team, region or even national operations. Reputable global recruiters will also offer you the possibility to work abroad, experience new cultures and broaden your experience.  

Whether you’re an experienced recruiter or not, you’ll be helping to transform organisations and their bottom line. Critically, you’ll be playing a major role in people’s careers and their lives.  

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