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GDPR: why you need a project team for delivery

GDPR: why you need a project team for delivery

As the EU General Data Protection Regulation is set to come into force next May, many companies are frantically evaluating their systems and processes to ensure their internal systems comply with the rules.

Internal Councils and project teams have pulled together across Marketing, Compliance, IT and Legal to work through the details of these new processes, and now are at the stage where they’ll need to bring in specialist expertise to ensure compliance with the regulations.

How do you structure your team for delivery?

According to the regulation, you must appoint a DPO if you’re a public authority, carry out large scale systematic monitoring of individuals or you process special categories of data or data relating to criminal convictions and offences. And in our previous blog, how do you appoint your Data Protection Officer, we go into a lot of detail about the attributes, motivations and behaviours you should be looking for as part of this appointment.

But this is just one of many critical roles you need to have on your radar.

According to Computer Weekly, two thirds of UK firms are already sourcing project teams; a mix of interim and permanent employees to help meet the implementation of the EU’s GDPR compliance deadline.

These project teams consist of Software Engineers, Principal Engineers, Project Managers and Business Analysts which scale as and when the necessary skills for delivery are required. We’ve pulled together the rates or salaries across the country you could consider when building your project team.

Technical versus soft skills

Technical skills are of course vital. But the GDPR implementation is a large scale transformation set against the backdrop of an ever shifting data landscape. You’ll need individuals in your team who can find solutions quickly as well as collaborate across multiple teams building trust and influencing at senior levels.

Organisations are increasingly searching for people who can upskill, adapt, collaborate and create new opportunities. In other words, people with the right mindset.

These are people that as well as possessing the technical expertise you need for the job, can bring a softer set of skills to the table to aid your delivery.

Scalable, adaptable and tailored project resourcing

If you’re not already looking at bolstering your people to deliver the GDPR, I don’t want to panic you but the clock is ticking.

One option you might want to consider is Morgan Philips Project Solutions.

We’re already working with major organisations, and can also help you achieve your GDPR objectives by providing specialist managed, and tailored project resource solutions.

We’ll take the responsibility for securing, monitoring and managing your project resources to deliver the results you need.

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