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Debunking Common Sales Myths

Debunking Common Sales Myths

Sales offers tremendous opportunities for growth and advancement. What are the myths of this much talked about role?

Myth 1: Cold calling gets you nowhere fast

Fact: Cold calling is a technique in which a salesperson contacts individuals who have not previously expressed interest in the offered products or services. Cold calling is more effective than cold emailing.

Myth 2: Buyers don’t take meeting

Fact: Cold calling works best when it’s coupled with other efforts. More than half of the prospects said they agreed to meetings after they receive email and phone calls.

Myth 3: Sales is a number game

Fact: Sales success is based on quality – not on quantity. The more you put in the top end of your sales funnel the more you will get out of the other side but there is a whole lot of steps in between. When leads are researched and nurtured, customers end up larger purchases.

Myth 4: Make 10 or more calls to reach good prospects

Fact: Never give up on leads. Stop pursuing leads after about the sixth cold call. Leads that require seven or more calls just to make first contacts are less likely to convert

Myth 5: Customers do most of their purchase research alone and online

Fact: Purchase decisions are made before they talk to a salesperson. Just because buyers spend time online doesn’t mean sales are not involved, buyers need more specific information and desire for a human relationship.

Myth 6: it takes five touches – and five “nos” – before prospects say “yes”

Fact: It takes eight touches to get an agreement. Top performers often get the “yes” after the “yes” after hearing “no” five times.

Myth 7: Ask as many questions as you can during a discovery call, as long as prospects answer

Fact: Ask questions, to wind up a conversation to make them feel they’re under interrogation. When asking a few questions, you won’t get enough information to move the sales forward.

Myth 8: You must be social selling to win sales

Fact: Social selling is valuable, but with it alone won’t win sales. Social selling is a powerful tool for salespeople, but it needs to be coupled with traditional sales tactics.

Myth 9: You’ll close more deals with more “Social Proof”

Fact: Salespeople who deal with more social proof in sales calls have lower rates than salespeople who don’t.

Myth 10: “The average buyer” does this or doesn’t do that

Fact: There is no “average buyer”. Salespeople may only talk to one decision-maker at first – or even over the course of the buying journey.

Myth 11: Don’t talk about the competition

Fact: Whether you talk about your competitors or not, never trash-talk your competitors.

Myth 12: Only big companies can and should host webinars

Fact: Webinars are a powerful lead generation tool. Handheld technology and expertise are all it takes for nearly any small group or individual to put together a webinar and gain sales.

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