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Celebrating 5 Years of Fyte Luxembourg: Interview with Remi Fouilloy, Managing Director of Morgan Philips Group in Luxembourg & Belgium

Celebrating 5 Years of Fyte Luxembourg: Interview with Remi Fouilloy, Managing Director of Morgan Philips Group in Luxembourg & Belgium

Luxembourg is known worldwide as a small yet strong nucleus of business growth, innovation and modern culture. Fyte is proud to have established a solid presence in this country, and is now celebrating 5 years of excellence in talent acquisition in this growing market. Fyte in Luxembourg has gone from strength to strength, having been launched by Edouard Van Ginderdeuren in 2014, one year after the Luxembourg launch of Morgan Philips Executive Search.

We sit down with Remi Fouilloy, Managing Director of Morgan Philips Group in Luxembourg & Belgium, to discuss in further detail Fyte’s journey and how the team navigates Luxembourg’s lively business landscape.

Q: What were the initial challenges of launching Fyte in the country & how did you overcome them?

Remi: Luxembourg is a small market, and was initially ingrained in a very traditional approach to recruitment that catered to its strong finance industry. The big players in the Luxembourg talent solution market had an international reach but Fyte emerged because of a growing demand for entry-level and middle management roles. Along with its unorthodox use of video CVs and video job ads, which allows clients to have a more in-depth perspective of the candidate, Fyte proved itself a capable player within Luxembourg’s established recruitment sector.

Q: How has Fyte Luxembourg responded to the local market needs?

Remi: Luxembourg is a candidate-driven and international market, with a network of qualified talent that is not only home-grown, but curated abroad. Fyte has been able to leverage its quick-growing credibility by bringing in an international pool of candidates to respond to Luxembourg’s needs for a multicultural, modern and skilled workforce. We’re also an agile company and have a trained staff force that is able to deliver quality services on a flexible level, something appreciated by our dynamic clients.

Q: What have been the main achievements of the company?

Remi: Aside from making exciting placements within the country, I think that being able to gain the respect from major industry players in such a short space of time is in itself an achievement and would not be possible without our tailored and experienced team of consultants. 40% of Fyte candidates are sourced abroad, and through their success, have become ambassadors for the impressive Luxembourg market, strengthening our reputation as a capable presence able to identify and attract overseas talent.

Q: What is exciting about offering talent solutions in the Luxembourg market?

Remi: Luxembourg is a dynamic and modern country that has seen an exciting transformation within the last 15 years. What used to be seen as a financial battlefield has now flourished into a multicultural and elevated presence within Europe. The country has proven itself capable of reinvention and now offers a favorable ecosystem for startups and the fintech sector. The government has truly invested in the entrepreneurial culture and allows businesses to thrive.

Q: What excites you about Luxembourg’s industry in its present state/future?

Remi: Currently, around half of Luxembourg’s population comes from neighboring countries. This thriving multicultural community is sure to grow, not least because of uncertainty in Britain, with a noticeable percentage of European professionals likely to leave because of Brexit. This will help position the market as a strong competitor to the likes of Paris and Frankfurt. On a personal note, I’m also fascinated by Luxembourg’s increasing capabilities in the space-mining sector and how it has established itself as a major force in this exciting science.

Q: What predictions do you have about the future of Luxembourg talent?

Remi: In this increasingly globalized and competitive world, professionals in Luxembourg will have to tap into workplace agility and hone in on their ability to face challenges unlike those in the old way of working. It’s also interesting to see Luxembourg’s growing relationship with not only other European countries but also those which are transcontinental, such as China; I view this as a symbol of the country’s cemented status as a key global business hub.

Q: What do you recommend to young professionals who are beginning their careers in Luxembourg?

Remi: This country, as I have mentioned before, thrives because of its ability to mix different European cultures. I would heavily recommend anyone considering a career move to Luxembourg to invest in their language skills – the major professional ones being French, German and English. Because of its small international community, those who embrace multiculturalism flourish ; those who prefer a homogeneous society may not settle in well in Luxembourg!

Are you looking to grow your team and make hires in the Finance/Banking & Insurance, Legal & Compliance, HR, Sales & Marketing, IT, Property, Real Estate & Construction markets? Please do not hesitate to reach out to Fyte Luxembourg for a modern and easy partnership; Remi and the team would be more than happy to engage in a strategic and forward looking conversation.

Similarly, if you are keen on building your career in this robust and progressive country, click here to discover our job offerings!

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