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Case Study: MarketAxess

Case Study: MarketAxess

We’re joined by Mark Kelly, Senior HR Manager at MarketAxess to discuss his experience with Kamal Jain and Morgan Philips Executive Search.

MarketAxess operates a leading, institutional electronic trading platform delivering expanded liquidity opportunities, improved execution quality and significant cost savings across global fixed-income markets.

Describe your experience with Kamal and Morgan Philips Executive Search.

It has been a great experience. They are trustworthy, professional, and provide high-quality candidates. We are very selective with the search agencies we use, but we can always rely on Kamal and Morgan Philips Executive Search. They are knowledgeable providers.

Kamal understands how our business works. He's hired many people who are in the technology functions at the company. Over the years he's garnered relationships and built an understanding of what we do on both the trading and the post-trade side of the business.

What makes Morgan Philips and Kamal stand out?

They provide vital knowledge and market data which is very insightful and something we rely upon. Also, the consistency and the quality of candidates that we get has always been of the highest standard.

What advice would you give a client looking to work with Kamal and Morgan Philips Executive Search?

Communication and efficiency are key. It’s a two-way relationship, the client needs to update the search firm so they can inform the candidate. Keep that relationship a two-way street and they will do the same.

Overall I would say Kamal and Morgan Philips Executive Search are very dependable and are brilliant at finding the right candidates quickly. Over the years they have upheld a strong and professional relationship with both myself and internal stakeholders.

If you are looking to hire within the Financial Services market please so not hesitate to get in touch with Kamal Jain.

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