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Case Study: Laura Buchanan

Case Study: Laura Buchanan

We’re joined by Director Laura Buchanan, to discuss her career journey throughout her time at Morgan Philips, previously known as Hudson. Laura joined the Scotland team in January 2009 and has progressed seamlessly through the ranks.


Could you describe the start of your career journey at Morgan Philips? 

I started as a Senior Consultant in January 2009, when the UK had just entered into recession. It was a very challenging time for me as a newcomer however the support I received was fantastic. At that time I had a young family so my main goal was to be a successful recruiter without any additional responsibilities. I had my second child a little while after, so I wasn’t actively interested in career progression until my children got a little older. 


When I decided it was time for me to progress my career, Morgan Philips made it extremely easy for me to do so, they have a clear outline of what is required for each stage of promotion and there is always an opportunity to develop. It took me around 5/6 years to progress from Senior Consultant to Director. There is always an open door and an open conversation to be had.


Does Morgan Philips proactively encourage staff to progress in their career? 

It’s a two-way street, from the very start you are made aware of the steps required for promotion, it’s just a matter of when you are ready. In regards to my journey, we worked out a plan on how to meet my objectives, and as soon as I achieved them it was on to the next set of targets and the next promotion. 


What sort of criteria was required for your promotions?  

At the start, it was focused on billing targets, I had always been a top performer so that was the main focus for me. As I progressed through the ranks I became more focused on developing key accounts for the business while taking on responsibility for other members of staff in a more managerial role. The aim is to get you thinking about the growth of the team and wider business and not just yourself. From then on, the progression came very naturally and there was always support from the business.


Why continue your career at Morgan Philips?

I have been with the business for 14 years now, and I must say Morgan Philips is a very fair, loyal, and supportive employer. I am blessed to work with the best in the industry who help make my role so thoroughly enjoyable. Globally we have a team of fantastic consultants all striving for their personal goals with great company culture. 


We have seen some of the biggest changes in the last few years and I can say Morgan Philips has absolutely grown with the times, offering a flexible and supportive way of working.


Is there still room for career progression? 

Absolutely, like the last 14 years, there are continual conversations and I know what lies ahead.


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