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Case Study: Glue42

Case Study: Glue42

We’re joined by Glue42 Director, Reena Raichura, to discuss her experience with Kamal Jain and Morgan Philips Executive Search’s Financial Services Practice.


Glue42 is an award-winning desktop integration platform that simplifies user journeys across native and web applications and accelerates the development of platforms and ecosystemsGlue42’s client base spans the buy-side and sell-side including global investment banks, asset managers, and wealth managers as well as regional broker-dealers and hedge funds.  

How did you first come across Kamal and Morgan Philips Executive Search (MPES)?

I was a candidate looking for a new position when we initially met. He found me a role and over the years we have continued to build our relationship and then I engaged him to recruit for me at Glue42. Glue42 was new to him when he first engaged with us but he took the time to understand our business, our products, and solutions before going out to market with the role.

What barriers did you face before working with Kamal and MPES?

Good recruiters are hard to find from both a candidate and client perspective. Kamal is like a rare gem. It's hard to find search consultants who really take the time to understand your products and services, listen to your needs, and are honest and reliable. Kamal embodies all of these traits and has all these assets in terms of how he works with us.

What makes Kamal and MPES stand out from other search firms? 

He's with you every step of the way. Alongside this, Kamal has deep knowledge of the financial services industry. Essentially he conducts the first round of interviews, making sure that he only gives me the most suitable candidates that are the best fit for the role and organisation.

How would you describe Kamal?

He's personable, reliable, and honest. He will listen to your needs, and guide you on the best way to progress. He can help you shape the role if he thinks that something is missing and should be considered. Kamal always goes the extra mile.

Would you say Kamal has maintained a relationship with you, even when you are not recruiting?

He will always check in. Communication is key; even when I’m not hiring. Kamal has become a real advocate of Glue42 and I have introduced him to other colleagues and peers. It is a long-term relationship and I have personally worked with Kamal for around 7 years now.

What advice would you give candidates looking to work with Kamal?

Listen to him and take his advice. He prepares you so well for interviews. He's always providing consistent feedback, I've experienced that both from a candidate and a client perspective. I would say that he supports you at every stage of the recruitment process. So trust that you're working with someone that gets it. Trust that he has your best interests in mind.

What advice would you give clients looking to work with Kamal?

In three words, go for it! Kamal embodies everything organisations need in a recruiter -  experience, commitment, and communication. Kamal provides an end-to-end service that is exemplary, and that all recruiters should be taking note of.


If you are looking to recruit within the financial services market, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Kamal Jain.



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