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Assistant Chief Finance Officer - Case Study

Assistant Chief Finance Officer - Case Study


Having secured a role through his own network, our long standing contact was moving in to their first CFO position and was keen to appoint a talented assistant. The brief for the new appointment was to facilitate the organisations’ extremely aggressive growth strategy, whilst taking day to day responsibility for ensuring the prevalence of an appropriate control environment.

Furthermore, the incoming candidate would be charged with expanding and leading a new team as the business delivered on their growth objectives.

The Challenge

As a start-up organisation, the successful candidate needed to possess the appropriate work ethic and drive to deliver on this exacting brief. Furthermore, it was pivotal that they would embrace an extremely broad remit and possess the intellectual agility to assimilate vast amounts of data and act upon it.


Our research function commenced with the search and as we navigated through the process, all shortlisted candidates undertook our Pulse assessments which incorporated an abstract reasoning assessment, a very useful guide to an individual’s intellectual agility.


I’m a long standing client and value the role they have played in relation my recruitment needs in the past. I recently engaged them to assist with recruiting a new role within my team. Given the critical nature of the role, I also made use of the their Talent Management services.

The testing focused on potential recruits’ verbal and numerical reasoning, in addition to a personality assessment. Having taken the tests myself, I was surprised as to the accuracy of the reports and the insights it gave me. The analysis on my recruit reaffirmed by decision and gave me a valuable on boarding guide to help optimise my recruit’s progress once joining the team. I would recommend the use of this service for anyone making a critical appointment within their team."

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