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Are you missing out on the talent you desperately need?

Are you missing out on the talent you desperately need?

Did you know that 73% of candidates on LinkedIn don’t reply to InMails or connection requests?

That’s an indication of just how may potential hires that could be passing you by. And with candidate registrations and applications falling on many online job boards, how can organisations looking for top talent in the current jobs market secure those hard to find skills?

The Coronavirus has clearly changed the recruitment landscape for good. While the impact will be felt more heavily in sectors such as hospitality, aviation or travel, for businesses in other sectors, hiring requirements won’t relent – think of the big tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, streaming service providers such as Netflix or video conferencing platforms like Zoom. These companies have learnt lessons from previous crises and are recruiting aggressively.

So although the number of overall job board visitors and employer vacancies may have declined due to the global pandemic and its repercussions, there is still demand for skilled individuals across a number of sectors. With fewer applications being generated from job boards, companies must become more creative in finding talent, without of course losing focus on their employer value proposition and branding.

Adapting your hiring strategy

Engaging with a specialist recruiter can help in several different ways. Leveraging their extensive local, regional and global networks of specialist skilled professionals is clearly a huge advantage. Some will have research experts adept at finding the most suitable talent, quickly and cost-effectively. Using the latest research tools and techniques ensures that passive jobseekers and those not actively searching are also being targeted.

The more innovative recruiters like Fyte (Find Your Talent Easily) are also able to offer solutions that are aligned with an organisation’s remote talent strategy. They might typically have a bank of online video CVs of potential candidates, which allows hiring managers to not only assess the personality of the individual in question but also their language skills for example.

Given the current climate of self-isolation, videos are a great way to engage with candidates while also ensuring that recruitment plans aren’t put on hold. Rather than trawling through endless paper CVs, employers receive a ready-made shortlist of online CVs and candidates to interview, knowing that they all have the qualities to fit into their respective teams and company’s own unique culture.

During these difficult times, partnering with a specialist sourcing provider with expertise in innovative digital solutions can give you the edge in today’s still highly competitive jobs market. And importantly it will allow you to cover off all bases, presenting you with a definitive and exhaustive shortlist of available talent.

Need a fit for purpose talent strategy that’s tailor-made for remote recruitment?

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