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An Introduction to Morgan Philips by Alexis de Bretteville, Deputy CEO of MPG

An Introduction to Morgan Philips by Alexis de Bretteville, Deputy CEO of MPG

In September, leading Spanish HR magazine 'Equipos y Talento' interviewed Morgan Philips' deputy CEO Alexis de Bretteville to discuss the group's new Agili-T service and the early successes of its brand Fyte. Read the enitre interview, which has been translated into English, below:

Alexis de Bretteville picture

A year after Morgan Philips' acquisition of Hudson, the group has transformed the recruitment market from sourcing talent, to the selection and management of the talent. 

This is shown by the launch of services like Agili-T, an innovative assessment model to find the optimal professional potential, or Fyte, a permanent and temporary recruitment brand that uses video technology.

Alexis de Bretteville, deputy CEO of Morgan Philips Group explains the major innovations of the company.

Question: You just launched Agili-T, your new model to assess a person's professional potential. How do you define agility in your field?

Alexis: We define agility as “the ability to work with insight, flexibility and confidence in response to challenging and changing circumstances”.

Our vision of agility starts on an individual plan and then wider on the teams, groups and whole company. Whether operating in a hierarchy traditionally organized or not, we focus on individual potential to affect the whole. Our approach is focused on the conducts and behaviours that make people more agile.

Question: What is the added value proposed by this new model?

Alexis: There are many studies that show that half of the jobs that are going to be created in 2030 don’t yet exist and will change the way we recruit. Today, hard skills are easier to gain and soft skills represent a special importance. The personality and mind-set of candidates are what companies are interested in. Furthermore, young generations entering the work market look for a goal/aim and a meaning/purpose. That is why, with our Talent Consulting division, we created a new model to know the agility of the candidate: his mindset and empathy, all the information/characteristics that optimize his chances to be a success in the company.

Question: So, today resourcing isn’t only based on skills…

Alexis: We continue to assess the skills, but, in a VUCA* world, it is really important to recruit a candidate for their personality. Having this type of tools allow us to really match the client with a candidate that will bring the agility needed by the company.

*VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

Question: How do you assess the agility of the candidates?

Alexis: Our Agility model has an inner component, meaning how we perceive and think about business, and an outer component - how we behave in response to that thinking. Inner Agility is a person’s engagement and energy to marshal insights, and building understanding of what they are living or experimenting. On the other hand, outer agility is the ability to act with insight and confidence, break new ground and adapting as you go.

Our Agility model rests on three main dimensions: individuals, productivity and growth. The balance between them and the inner and outer future perspectives is the guarantee of a higher level of agility.



Question: This model relies on technology. How?

Alexis: Agili-T is a digital model relying on technology, simulation, role playing… It’s experiential and with gamification elements, allowing us to really know the candidate. The recruitment process can take a while and if the match fails in the end, the company will lose time and money. We want to give the client and the candidate the possibility to reduce the margin of error with this tool.

To read more about our Agility framework, click here.

Question: Recently, the group launched the brand Fyte (Find Your Talent Easily) on the Spanish market. What are its specialities?

Alexis: Fyte maximises search capabilities by combining the latest digital tools with the latest sourcing techniques to help you recruit permanent and temporary talent cost-effectively and easily. This brand is designed for people in the beginning of their career with mobile profiles that are going to change jobs every two or three years.

Fyte uses innovative solutions such as video CVs, video interviews and video job description; we are dealing with a generation that read less but consume many videos. The medium is a more open way to communicate than what people are used to.

For more information on Fyte, please visit the website here

Question: How is this new division being received?

Alexis: It is a transformation that deeply interests the market. We launched it at the beginning of the year in Madrid and in September in Barcelona and already have a team of 10 consultants that is growing month after month with more clients. Furthermore, we invest in social media content to attract an important community of followers and professionals who recognise Fyte as a young and digital brand.

During those months, Fyte has been warmly welcomed by the clients. We started working on new fields of jobs opportunities and with new clients. We are thrilled to be attracting young candidates in digital, IT, Tech and Pharma, who clearly embrace the Fyte concept.

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