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Africa and the Middle East: growth drivers for the next 30 years

Africa and the Middle East: growth drivers for the next 30 years

By Marion Navarre, Managing Director, Morgan Philips Middle East & Africa

When it to comes to regions with exciting potential, the Middle East and Africa are experiencing a development that has caught the eye of many international businesses. Our Executive Search team has recognized this growth and is made up of specialists with on-ground experience in this region. Below, Marion Navarre, Managing Director of Morgan Philips’ Middle East & Africa operations, goes into further detail on the region’s evolution.

“Africa has become the planet’s growth driver for the next 30 years, following in the recent steps of Asia. In 50 years’ time, more than half of the world’s population growth will take place on the continent. The African population will see the biggest demographic change, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the population is to double by 2050. Additionally, this swift population growth will be joined by massive urbanisation. In the last twenty years, the African urban population has doubled and according to predictions, will double again over the next twenty years. Simultaneously, for many years we have experienced the emergence of a more affluent and better educated African middle class, which is more demanding in terms of consumption, housing, and of course, governance. Thanks to our sound knowledge of African settings, we are more than able to assist organisations and meet their specific needs, bringing them the best expertise. With an average GDP growth estimated at 4.1% in 2019 according to the Economic Outlook of the African Development Bank, the African continent is one of the fastest growing economic areas in the world. What’s more, Africa has the world’s youngest population, with an average age of 19.4 compared to the world average of 29.9, according to the “Africa CEO’s Survey – 2019” by Deloitte. Africa thus reaps two valuable benefits from these factors: strong economic prospects and a young workforce. However, African companies struggle to find and attract the talent that meets their needs. The lack of key skills therefore threatens growth. To help them overcome these constraints, we provide our extensive expertise in attracting and recruiting talent. Assisted by our network of experts and our global databases, we can identify, find and suggest the best talent present on the market. 

A resurgence of growth in 2018 despite tension and conflict

Beyond the tensions and conflicts across the Middle East and North Africa, the regions saw a revival in economic growth in 2018, mainly thanks to: the implementation of stabilisation and reconstruction policies in a post-conflict intervention, the upturn in oil prices, and a favourable global conjecture for business development in the regions. With an estimated regional growth of 3.1% in 2018 according to the MENA Economic Update by the World Bank, the region continues to attract investment and as a result, businesses. The increase in resilience and job creation in the private sector make it possible for the regions to develop their economic environments quickly and thus attract more and more talent. In order to assist local and international businesses in their quest for the best candidate, we offer our customers a global evaluation of the recruitment market. Aware of the great potential of these regions, we have already developed a strong and stable network formed of local businesses and large multinationals alike. What’s more, thanks to the expert analyses and successful field experience of our Africa and Middle East expert consultants, we have the necessary skills to assist organisations throughout their recruitment process.

The war for talent has become a reality. Amidst a shortage of mobile candidates who are ready to commit to shifting, unstable areas already subject to international, regional and local competition, attracting, selecting and retaining the best talent requires a new and ever-present investment."


With 10 years’ experience in international recruitment agencies with a focus on Africa, Marion Navarre has considerable knowledge of emerging markets. For your hiring needs in the ME&A market, please do not hesitate to get in contact with her here.

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